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Democrats in New York City are attempting to sidestep federal law by stopping the deportation of an illegal immigrant who was arrested while delivering food to an Army base in Brooklyn, New York. The delivery driver, Pablo Villavicencio of Ecuador, was delivering pizza to U.S. Army Garrison Fort Hamilton when he was arrested and transferred to ICE custody.

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The Fort Hamilton Public Affairs Office issued a statement on the matter saying that security officers discovered an active ICE warrant during a routine background check when Villavicencio tried to enter the Army base. The base's policy allows the installation's commanders to take "reasonably necessary and lawful measures to protect installation personnel and property."

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams held a news conference outside the base Wednesday and said it was "unimaginable" that Villavicencio went from "delivery to detention." I've got news for you, Mr. Adams, there is nothing "unimaginable" about arresting a criminal who broke the law. Villavicencio's wife, Sandra Chica, also spoke at the news conference saying, "This is cruel that they're going to separate my daughters from him. He was supporting the family. Now I'm going to be by myself, along with two kids."

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Villavicencio's wife also said that her husband applied for his green card in February. It amazes me that people take shortcuts to get into America, illegally, and then cry about being a victim when they are caught. The way you enter a new country isn't by sneaking over the border and THEN applying for a green card. The correct way to enter a country is to apply for the green card and when you get permission THEN you enter the country.

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement official said Villavicencio was ordered to leave the country in 2010 by an immigration judge. Against a legal order to leave the country, Villavicencio stayed in the U.S. and so a warrant was issued for his arrest. Military police officers have access to the national federal database and will see when a person has a warrant.

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DAMN ALEX No. 28093 1528350401

I think his wife and kids would be happier in that shithole country he came from.

brenda N texas No. 28095 1528354126

to enter america or any other nation it is illegal, illegal means you are a criminal, seems he had a warrant for 10yrs he was ordered to leave and refused he did the crime now do the the time, send his wife and kids with him

lynn No. 28097 1528358804

I agree he broke the law .. so deport him and his wife and kids.. why should some have to do it the right way and others think they can just do what ever they please.. im so tired of that crap.. WE cant get what we Deserve because of people like that.. pisses me off when i worked over 30 years and all i get is 16 bucks a mon in food stamp wow oh wow thanks for nothing..

Anonymous No. 28112 1528384056

These people that broke into our country are part at fault for both our social security and Medicare going insolvent.

I just found out that SS will be broke at just about the time I am eligible to retire. Gee thanks Dems! After I have paid into that dem piggy bank for almost 50 years!!

Joe Shabadoo No. 28414 1528720433

I say deport the Pizza, and what about the Military base guys… did they go hungry?

Harold Kumar No. 28415 1528720508

Which way to white castle?

Anonymous No. 28469 1528755164

what about the kids of the actual born here American who cannot eat because this criminal is taking the job?

Anonymous No. 28470 1528759266


You have the important point, and I believe that is what stirred our president to take such drastic action. There are so many American kids all through the heartland of our country missing meals, or being stunted because of lack of affordable food. You would be surprised, most of those kids are not black. They are the unrepresented White majority of America.

Dozer No. 28943 1529242191

More and more stories surfacing of Americans not getting jobs because of illegal aliens. WTF?! Round them up put them in shithole camps and deport!

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