By Savannah Smith  |  06-12-2018   News
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Chicago police announced that they discovered the horrifying dismembered body of an 81-year-old woman in her home.

The shocking discovery was made only after a real estate agent who has been trying to reach the elderly woman for days smelled a foul odor in the home when she visited. She called the police to report what she noticed. The police investigated and found human remains in bins on Sunday.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson says the crime scene appears “very clean.” For now, the investigators are assuming that the elderly woman was killed in her home.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says it appears that someone put a lot of effort to carry out what he describes as a “horrific act.”

The police have yet to release the woman’s identity. It is not clear whether the woman was living alone at the time of her murder.

It is not clear if family members have been informed of her death.

The authorities have yet to say also if they have suspects in mind, or if a motive for the killing has been established.

The investigation is still ongoing.


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Dawn Ford No. 28537 1528850956

What disrespect of God's Creation

tab No. 28542 1528856455


Anonymous No. 28555 1528868021

>>28537 LOL @ Dawn Ford for actually believing in 'god'

Anonymous No. 28574 1528889268

With Funerals at $5k for cremation to $11k to be buried … Maybe the family followed Tibetan practices for disposal ?

NA! more likely one of the many Satanic Covenants that operate there offered her up.

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