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We've all come to grasps with the facts that your privacy online, and anonymity, is under attack, but that can be countered using a virtual private network (VPN) such as that of NordVPN.

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By choosing to use a VPN, on mobile, desktop, or laptop computers, you're ensuring that your safety is not only bolstered by hiding your location, but also be vulnerable to withstanding attempts from online enterprises to harvest your information.

It's common in today's market for websites to data-mine, and as a consumer, using software and applications from a company such as NordVPN is the most important means of security that you can add to your daily devices.

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Whether it's on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, macOS, Raspberry Pi, or a variety of other operating systems and even routers,<a href=""> NordVPN has simple tutorials </a>for even the most tech-illiterate user to follow.

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The benefits of using a service like NordVPN can't be matched, and with access to over 4,738 servers located globally, it's difficult to find a quality means of security at the low rates NordVPN offers.

You could also be censored by your internet service provider from visiting specific websites, and using a powerful service like NordVPN prevents this censorship from affecting you.

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Yes, <i>there are free VPNs</i>, which are heavily used, that as a result, causes the slowing down of data-transfer speeds for both uploading and downloading, and lagging your devices with unnecessary bloat and advertising.

Free VPNs simply aren't guaranteed to be secure, and at the low price of NordVPN, you'd be insane not to subscribe.

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Regardless of your global location, there's an intentional effort to mine and harvest the data we accrue while surfing the internet, and that data is then sold for profit to the highest bidder.

This especially occurs on social media platforms, who make up a large portion of their quarterly revenues with the profits made from data-mining, and most Americans have no idea this is happening.

NordVPN is a virtual private network client I recommend and <i>personally use</i> because they have a certain <i>respect for your privacy</i> at their company, and to me, that matters.

As part of the NordVPN “no logs policy,” they're protecting your personal data without tracking you or storing any of your private information.

NordVPN also makes use of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256 bit-keys, and for those who aren't sure what that means, it's essentially military-grade encryption.

In fact, it was originally developed to be used by the United States government to secure classified information within Congress and various federal law enforcement agencies, and by the NSA to protect America's national security data, guaranteeing that your protection is unmatched in terms of quality assurance.

It's impossible for even the most advanced computers on earth to crack the NordVPN security protocol family's newest addition, which is called IKEv2/IPsec.

IKEv2/IPsec encrypts and secures the traffic to and from your devices by utilizing high-level cryptographic algorithms and keys. In addition to this, NordVPN utilizes NGE (Next Generation Encryption) in IKEv2/IPsec.

What this means is you're guaranteed both the most reliable security on the planet available for the general public's usage, with state of the art encryption protocols, and a promise that you won't see slowing speeds or diminished performance on applications.

I keep my VPN running all day, and all night, and yes, even on my phone.

I won't log in to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or anywhere else without my VPN running. It does not affect my device's performance, does not delay or slow text messaging or phone calls, and it doesn't cause me to have to worry as to whether I'm safe, because with NordVPN, I know I'm secure at all times.

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The setup process for NordVPN is also extremely simple, whether it be for your home computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

<a href="">There's a lot of different pricing options for NordVPN, and with exclusive deals and offers, it's always a bargain to buy this level of security. </a>

A two-year plan right now on NordVPN’s website is running at an amazing $3.29 <i>per month</i> which is extremely inexpensive for this level of security, at 72% as of the time of this writing.

If you prefer no obligations, you make a one-time payment of $11.95 a month, which is still a bargain for the type of protection you're offered.

Keep in mind you can also use six different devices on a single plan, which guarantees that your entire family is protected at all times.

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If you're considering using the internet for social media, chat clients, or just to browse websites?

<b>You should be connected to NordVPN at all times.</b>

Never use the internet without a VPN. It's that important.

Be sure to visit<a href=""> NordVPN </a>today, or download directly to your mobile phone or tablet. If you're a user of<a href=""> Android </a> devices, or if you prefer the<a href=""> iOS </a>lineup, NordVPN is available for both preferences.

The most important thing to do is put you and your family's security first on the internet, and stay safe with NordVPN!

I can't give this product more praise, because it exceeds my expectations in every category, guaranteeing I'm protected. You absolutely need to go and try it yourself.


It will remain my daily driver for my desktop, laptop, tablets, and phone. NordVPN is hands down the best VPN available for all your needs.

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Anonymous No. 32287 1532466315

I used to have a paid subscription to Nord VPN, (an overly expensive subscription) until the connections stopped working correctly, many of the connections not working at all, and I found out that Nord lies about 'not keeping logs' of their customers searches. Finally, when I found out they use a very basic form of encryption that is easily hacked, I wisely cancelled my subscription and now I use Avast VPN, which is a much better service.

Anonymous No. 32288 1532466548

>>32263 I also used to have a subscription to Nord, and I cancelled mine as well. Their encryption is bottom level, easily hacked and unecrypted by any 12 year old kid with a laptop. I've heard Avast VPN is the best.

Anonymous No. 32289 1532466689

Instead of being categorized as news or opinion, this needs to be listed as an advertisement. I can guarantee you that red pill hasn't ever used any other vpn's, and has no idea what she's talking about. She's not a tech savvy computer person, she's just an old lady.

Anonymous No. 32292 1532466847

Nord recently got entangled in a controversy, where their sales pitch of privacy was proven to be untrue, because they keep user logs that can be obtained by law enforcement or any other government agency. They can't be trusted.

Anonymous No. 32293 1532467035

I noticed that red pill doesn't seem to know any real technical aspects of Virtual Private Networks, and simply repeats the same marketing sales pitch nonsense. She couldn't explain any details about VPN's or encryption if she tried. Fake News

Anonymous No. 32295 1532467812

I have a paid subscription to Avast VPN, and I get much better service, more secure than Nord, all for only $29 a year.

Anonymous No. 32297 1532468191

Anybody can Google Nord and learn that they're being investigated for fraud regarding false claims in their ads stating that their encryption is secure and that they don't keep user logs.

Hans No. 32298 1532468421

I have already sent an email to the corporate offices of Nord, and complained about Red Pill's' advertisement being presented as if it's a news story, and requesting a return call from Nord to explain why they are now paying second rate websites like the Goldwater to shill for them.

Anonymous No. 32301 1532471258

>>32299 agreed. I'm a Network systems analyst for AT&T, and there's no such thing as a totally secure network. Nord is a corporation who relies on a lack of knowledge by the average person regarding encryption, trying to dazzle them with fancy terminology, and promising them snake oil magic. They claim military level encryption, when it's simply not true. Also, it's important to remember that the founders of nordvpn have faced criminal charges for fraud, and are being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission as we speak.

Anonymous No. 32323 1532519909

I have been using EFF's Onion and also played with HMA VPN that I picked up for $9.95 on sale at Fry's a while back.

Used it once and did not get even a basic warm and fuzzy.

A Golden Business Rule of Thumb to remember.

There is no such thing as FREE. It costs $$$$ to keep the lights on and that costs real $$$$$.

So they have to be selling something to stay in business. (Facebook, My Space, Int, google, Yahoo)

Question: How many of you use your ISP (coma-cast, charter, AT&T and etc.) provided DNS servers?

Every time you use it, it knows where you are headed. So do all of the major search engines do the same thing, Java scripts also peek and collect even deeper data.

If the Fed's get interested in you, all they need do is either pull it from one of the monitoring sites like MAY-EAST,

MAY-WEST etc… or just purchase the data without a warrant.

What the US needs is Personal Digital Data Privacy(PDDP) Law/Act.

What we need is a law that requires a clear simple EULA written in English not legal ease. That limits and spells out what ISP's and sites can ollect and what they do with it. It should have a simple process to OPT out and request the erasure of all collected data. An have it at the top not the bottom of the EULA.

A law that treats our Internet like our US Postal Mail for privacy.

Anonymous No. 32273 1534125154
I contacted NordVPN corporate offices two days ago to notify them that the mods in 8chan are systematically permabanning all NordVPN IP addresses, and they should no longer advertise on your websites
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