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A man gallantly protected his family from an intruder but his heroic exploits were put to waste when he met a tragic end himself due to an unfortunate case of mistaken identity.

Officers responded to an Aurora, Colorado home around 1:30 Monday morning. The officers heard gunshots emanating from inside the home.

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Aurora Police Department Chief Nick Metz said that officers saw a dead body lying on the bathroom floor when they entered the house. The officers simply assumed then that he was a victim of the home invasion.

Metz admitted that the officers next saw Richard “Gary” Black, 73, standing in the living room, armed. The officers mistakenly assumed he was the suspect, and shot him.

In their defense, however, the officers claimed there was much yelling when they arrived at the scene of the incident. Several people were standing outside the home, including Black’s wife. She even told the officers, “he has a gun”, presumably referring to the invader.

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The officers heard gunshots coming from the house. When they saw Black, he had a gun in one hand and a flashlight in the other. The officers were then 15 to 20 feet from Black. They said they then commanded Black to drop the weapon and put his hands up several times.

Metz said: “We don’t know why, but for whatever reason, Mr. Black did not drop the gun.”

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Metz said that instead, Black raised the flashlight he was holding and an officer fired four rounds at him.

The intruder identified as 26-year-old Dajon Harper was attending a party across the street when he started acting irrationally. It was not clear if he was intoxicated, but he started damaging cars nearby. He also hurt himself.

After leaving the party, he went to the Blacks’ residence. Then naked, Harper continuously knocked on the Blacks’ door, eventually knocking it off its hinges. The Blacks - Richard, his wife Jeanette and their 11-year-old grandson - were all asleep at the time.

The APD report said that upon entering the Blacks’ home, Harper went after the grandson and dragged him into the bathroom where Mertz would only say the boy was “violently assaulted.” That’s also the plea for help that 911 got from Jeanette - that the boy was being attacked in the bathroom by an invader and that “there was blood everywhere.”

Black was brought to the University of Colorado Hospital but expired from the gunshot wounds he sustained. It was revealed that he was a recipient of The Purple Heart award for his time in the Vietnam war.

The shooting of Black is now being investigated by the APD, the Denver Police Department and the 17th and 18th District Attorney’s Offices. The officer who killed Black has been placed on paid administrative leave.

The name of the officer who shot Black is being withheld for his protection. Metz said he is also a veteran, who has been with the department for three years with no prior internal complaints.

The same officer, however, was involved in another fatal shooting on June 27. He returned to work about two and a half weeks later, even as the investigation continued.

The Blacks will be represented in court by Colorado-based law firm Rathod Mohamedbhai, LLC.


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tab No. 33105 1533387716

NEVER CALL THE POLICE until the situation is secured. cops bee stoopid…..

tab No. 33106 1533387932

yeah, the white guy in his pajamas was obviously the criminal. cops are stupid and cowardly.

tab No. 33108 1533388074

this good white family made a fatal mistake. they trusted the police.

Rev. Chaplain Robinson-Worley No. 33109 1533390007

Having lost a SON to bullets from a COP because of mistaken identity & proven false Police Report (in advance); Even Tho I'm part of 2 generation L.E. FAmily: NOT ALL who carry Law Enforcement Commissions DESERVE IT! COPS involved in such killings should be tried!

Jo Ann No. 33111 1533394624

I think I would sue the pants off the police dept. There are rules to follow and someone didn't follow the rules and should be charged with MURDER. If it were my husband, I WOULD MAKE SURE THE GUILTY PAY.

Anonymous No. 33120 1533402368

pigs are the worst, they treat everybody like niggers

Anonymous No. 33123 1533407410

In the officer's defense, he was a Black lol.

Anonymous No. 33140 1533430907

Cops will clear themselves, and the cop with the thrill kill urge won't even be fired.

AristotleClone No. 33150 1533442226

You racist fuknNeanderthal, White cops are always murdering innocent Blacks. But since White men control the police and the Prosecutors and the judge, then of course, a racist system won't ever let its creators ante up to the prey which said system victimizes.

Anonymous No. 33153 1533445883

the police will pay big in damages! what a stupid mistake! And they killed a Veteran at that! What judge will not side with the family? The veteran was perfectly capable of containing the intruder, they did not need the police to mess up.

Anonymous No. 33114 1533526307
Defense in criminal law which claims the actual innocence of the criminal defendant called mistaken identity
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