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GOP Operative Investigating Hillary’s Emails ‘Committed Suicide’ with Bag Over His Head

The infamous and highly respected GOP operative who publicly admitted to reaching out to Russian hackers for Hillary Clinton’s emails ‘killed himself’ just days after opening up to a reporter.

Back in May, Peter Smith told the Wall Street Journal that he reached out to people he believed were affiliated with the Kremlin, claiming to be Russian hackers, to find the missing emails from the Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton's private server.

A report last month showed that Smith had claimed to be working with the future National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and stated that Smith unexpectedly died about 10 days after the conversation with the reporter.

Publicly until now no information was given about Smith's shocking death, and the coroner in Lake County, Minnesota, where is where he lived, told the press at the time that it “uncharacteristically did not have records about his death”, which prompted many to believe this is another in a long list of cover-ups by the Democratic National Committee which oddly has a eerily long list of mysterious deaths surrounding the political party.

Law enforcement in Minnesota claimed however to have discovered what appeared to be a handwritten suicide note after Smith was found dead at a hotel near the Mayo Clinic on May 14th.

In what many people feel like was a note that Smith was forced to write before he was murdered, the letter said, “NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER”, which is something suicidal men and women almost never are likely to write if they're in such a state of mind.

The note also added that there had been a “RECENT BAD TURN IN HEALTH SINCE JANUARY, 2017” as if implying that Smith chose this route to exit in order to avoid his inevitable fate, and that his $5 million life insurance policy was expiring.

What's most alarming to those who do not believe this is a suicide, is that the newly released records show that Smith died of asphyxiation via a bag over his head that was connected to a helium source.

This is a strange way to commit suicide to begin with, and although it's being listed as a ‘closed case’ most independent investigators believe this is a clear cut political hit against Smith.

It's most certain that there is a list of over a hundred mysterious deaths surrounding the Clinton Crime Family, hence the nickname that implicated them to begin with.

We may never truly know, but the skeptics will forever use this as evidence to support the theory that the Democratic Party are akin to the Mafia, leaving a trail of blood to accomplish their goals and protect their secrets.


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Anonymous No. 5113 2017-07-14 : 00:55

That is not a common way to commit suicide. It is a common way to murder someone

Michael No. 5116 2017-07-14 : 01:57

More please and when are they going to arrest the bitch?

Anonymous No. 5120 2017-07-14 : 02:59

5113, you're wrong in your attitude, while it's not 'common', it's not unusual, in fact it's becoming more prevelant in suicides. Dr Death as he's nicknamed by some who deals with euthanasia for those suffering from agonizing and/or terminal illnesses reccomends it in a variety of ways for those who are in countries where euthanasia is illegal.

5116, if she's guilty of something fine, but don't stick any bullshit fiction on just cause you hate her

Anonymous No. 5255 2017-07-17 : 01:54


You're one of those "moderate voices of reason", huh?

Anonymous No. 5305 2017-07-18 : 03:20

Why yes, yes I am and guess what, instead of attempting to climb all the way down simply to retort to your rather enfeebled attempt of racial, religious and well, frankly illogical commenting and oh so hilarious statement, by utilising similar wit and hilarity inducing commentary, I would say this instead.

If you believe that you have sufficient mental capacity and also 'actual' proof to support your allegations, supositions and theories, please by all means bring forth this evidence and I will gladly agree with you, otherwise you are merely a rather foolish individual attempting to demean others because they either don't agree with you or ask for evidence for something that you 'want' to be true, frankly at this moment you are nothing more than a modern day version of those power hungry 'witch hunters' who would falsely accuse and murder old(usually) women for their money, etc. In a way I actually feel sorry for you, in the fact that you are clearly afraid to find things aren't the way you want them.

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