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Vicious Attack At Sleepover Leaves 11-Year-Old Girl With Disfiguring Burns

What should have been a night of fun for a group of young children at a sleep over ended in a violent attack? 11-year-old Jamoneisha Merritt was staying the night at a friends house at Findlay Avenue in the Bronx last Monday when she awoke in agonizing pain. Another girl at the sleepover told Jamoneisha that she would do something to her if she fell asleep according to another girl at the party. Sure enough, the 12-year-old who made the threat doused Jamoneisha with a pot of boiling water as she slept. In a statement given to police by the same witness, Jamoneisha woke up and screamed that she was burning.

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The victim was rushed to the hospital by where her mother, Ebony Merritt, met her after discussing felony charges for her daughter's attacker with prosecutors. The victim's mother said that the supervising adult did not do enough to prevent the attack. Merritt also says her daughter has not been given a mirror and has yet to see the disfiguring changes to her face, shoulders, and back but they are keeping her spirits uplifted. Investigators are looking into the possibility the attack was related to a trending social media challenge that involves dousing an unsuspecting victim in the hot water.

Just last month, an 8-year-old girl died after accepting a dare to drink boiling water with another child. The police are looking at any possible relation to these sick social media stunts they see online. Jamoneisha is in stable condition and making a recovery but her scars will remain with her for life.



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Anonymous No. 6378 2017-08-11 : 07:42

holy shit!! that's terrible

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