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It's not the kind of thing you expect to hear about your child, most parents worry about their kids drinking or staying up too late. But in a small village in Morocco, 15 teens are being treated for rabies after having sex with a donkey. Over a dozen children and teenagers, with obviously troubled sexual desires, are being treated in Mechraa Belksiri Hospital for up to a week while they receive vaccinations for the rabies virus.

The parents from the families of the various children are in disbelief after finding out their children contracted the deadly virus from engaging in sexual acts with a donkey. The local authorities have been canvasing the area for any other children who might have engaged in bestiality with the animal to prevent the virus from spreading. The event has made headlines making the subjects of the story a ridiculous joke among local residents. But is that punishment enough?

No legal charges have been issued against the children. The only one to be punished from the situation seems to be the donkey, after authorities ordered its owner to slaughter it in an attempt to prevent further spreading of the rabies virus. The parents of the children are now faced with the humiliation and shame, now that everyone they know has heard of the incident and aware of their children's treatment in the hospital. Authorities say the number of infected may be higher and are working to find anyone who could be at risk from the rabies virus.


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that donkey does have a sexy ass though…

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Isn't this common in Columbia? I heard that donkeys are preferred to Columbian women.

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