By: Phil | 05-21-2021 | The Purge, Opinion, Studio
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This Week in Hypocrisy

Phil goes off on events of the past week from Armenia and Palestine to AP news to AOC and Scientology. Plus weighing in on why we haven't seen much of Brendan Fraser in the past few years.

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Anonymous No. 95614 2021-06-09 : 17:45


After repeatedly allowing himself to be molested as a child, never even trying to yell run to a neighbor or call the police, continued getting on his knees and allowing his molester to empty his testicles into him.

According to Phillip's mother Barbara, the family didn't even realize Philip had been being molested until 3 years later when it finally stopped.

After all those decades of enjoying the attention he received during the molestations, suddenly out of nowhere, in the past year, Philip spontaneously became a self entitled "AVENGER AGAINST CHILD MOLESTATION", which Barbara and Phillip's sister Sarah both found humorous and ironic...

Even more ironic, Philip Fairbanks and Jim Watkins don't even realize they're mispronouncing the title of Phillip's book...

It's pronounced PRIMMER, not 'primer' like a base coat of automotive paint..

Even more ironic :
Philip Fairbanks biceps are the same size as a 6-year-old's wrists...

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