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Walmart Testing New Service To Stock Your Kitchen When You're Not Home

Walmart is currently testing a new delivery service that allows them to deliver groceries and packages even when you're away. The new service is for families who don't have time to stop at a store according to the retailer. It is amazing how easy it is to get food today, with this new service it basically gets delivered right to your plate.

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The retail giant is testing the service with a special group of tech-savvy shoppers who have internet-connected locks. This latest development in shopping technology is made possible through the 'internet of things'. This means everything is connected to the internet in your home, not just computers, and cell phones but your home's locks, lights, and many other systems. With the help of a special app, Walmart is basically getting permission to access your smart lock remotely eliminating the need for keys altogether and keeping an exact record of who uses the lock and when.

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Brick-and-mortar retailers are realizing the way of the future and slowly catching on to compete with Amazon, the current single largest retail giant that is putting physical stores out of business. Walmart is taking steps to compete with not just their delivery abilities but with voice-activated online shopping through a recent collaboration with Google.

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Anonymous No. 8566 2017-09-24 : 01:18


yo No. 8567 2017-09-24 : 01:40

While some may find the service helpful I believe it to be invasive. .."internet of things?" Especially w google

Matt No. 8570 2017-09-24 : 02:01

I wonder if the idea is to plan for delivery bots that are coming later.

Anonymous No. 8783 2017-09-27 : 16:53

Fucking good idea. Lets let a bunch of dindu in our house while we are gone. What can go wrong?

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