By: Kyle James | 10-21-2017 | News
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Judge Signs Vacate Order For Mother's Fetus

A woman in America Fork, Utah decided she had enough of being pregnant and sought a vacate order for her baby residing in her womb. Utah Judge Lynn Davis of the Fourth District Court obliged the request and signed an eviction notice for the fetus.

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Kaylee Bays issued the complaint against her unborn child and the eviction noticed was stamped and approved along with this statement from Judge Dabis,

"You have committed a nuisance because: Mommy is uncomfortable and running out of room for you! Too much heartburn and rib kicking, and I’m sick of waddling!

"You are required to vacate the premises within three calendar days, counting weekends and holidays."

Bays herself works at the Fourth District Court in American Fork. Judge Davis told Bays, "In my 31 years of working, this is my very first. If it really works, I want it framed."

Sure enough, the eviction notice worked! Within 12 hours of signing the notice for the fetus to vacate the premises Bays went into labor and a 6 pound 15 ounce baby girl was born!

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