By: Kyle James | 10-23-2017 | News
Photo credit: Scientific American

The Source Of Gold in the Universe Has Been Found

While searching for the source of gravitational waves, astrophysicists stumbled on a new discovery. Basically, if you smash two neutron stars together, you get gold!

Astrophysicists discovered this while observing just that, two neutron stars circling together until they eventually collided in what is called a kilonova. As a result of the massive collision of cosmic forces, a burst of gamma rays and gravitational waves reached earth. An astrophysicist with Northwestern University in Chicago named Vicky Kalogera explained, "So this is the first time that we hear the death spiral of two neutron stars. And we also see the fireworks that came from the final merger."

Rogue signals isn't the only thing that came from the crash, materials were joined together by the explosion creating gold as this video from Scientific American explains.

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