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Over 4,200 Mississippi National Guard Soldiers will Mobilize for “Operation Spartan Shield”

First and foremost, as a Southerner I'd like to begin this article with thanking each and every member of the United States Armed Forces who are brave enough to volunteer in the Military of every branch of service.

Alright, now we've received multiple reports confirming that the 155th Brigade of the Mississippi National Guard have received orders to mobilize as a major part of Operation Spartan Shield.

That's estimated to be close to 4,200 soldiers on the Mississippi National Guard’s 155th Armored Brigade Combat Team.

The Brigade has underwent training and will be heading towards Fort Bliss, Texas in the spring before deployment into Kuwait in which they will become an essential force of Operation Spartan Shield.

It's Mississippi battalion headquarters in McComb, Senatobia, Starkville, Amory, Monticello and Meridian. It also has a battalion based in Kansas City, Kansas.

These brave folks have trained for a long time for such an event and while it remains uncertain as to what they'll encounter during their mobilization they say they're ready and willing to accomplish anything set forth by Central Command.

"The 155th stands ready to deploy for any mission within Mississippi or abroad," said Col. Doug Ferguson, 155th ABCT commander.

Operation Spartan Shield is a Combined Forces Contingency Operation which is designed to deter and react to any and all possible threats within the Middle East regions that the United States is currently engaged in.

In particular the 155th ABCT is committed to ensuring it has the capability to win decisive victories in all conflicts current and if so be the case future battles in the Middle East.

This will be the unit’s third deployment to the Middle East since the events of September 11th, 2001, and the first deployment using all of its assigned combat platforms.

The "Dixie Thunder" brigade possesses high level expertise from deployments during Operations Iraqi Freedom III in 2004-2005 and OIF 9.2 in 2009-2010.

The 155th ABCT is headquartered in Tupelo, Mississippi and has Battalion Headquarters in the following locations:

• 1st Battalion, 155th Infantry Regiment – McComb

• 2d Battalion, 198th Armor Regiment – Senatobia

• 2d Battalion, 137th Infantry Regiment – Kansas City, KS

• 2d Battalion, 114th Field Artillery Regiment – Starkville

• 1st Squadron, 98th Cavalry Regiment – Amory

• 106th Support Battalion – Monticello

• 150th Engineer Battalion – Meridian

Whilst many Americans are growing uneasy about continued conflict in the Middle East they need remember that these brave men are more than willing to go and in fact most of them absolutely enjoy the combat situations or being on the ground.

This is the passion of many of the men, and contrary to public opinion they signed up for this with the excitement of knowing they'll be changing the world.

The 155th ABCT has participated in large-scale training exercises over the past three years in preparation for potential deployments, including an Exportable Combat Training Exercise at the Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center in 2015, a Multi-echelon Integrated Brigade Training exercise at Fort Hood, Texas in 2016, and a National Training Center rotation at Fort Irwin, California, back in 2017.

Operation Spartan Shield builds partner capacity in the Middle East to promote regional self-reliance and increase security.

“The men and women of this brigade train year-round in preparation to defend this great Nation. We’ve proudly represented Mississippi in past deployments and will continue to,” said Ferguson.

Some will remember that just days ago over 150 Louisiana National Guard soldiers with the Guard's 1020th Engineer Company, 527th Engineer Battalion, 225th Engineer Brigade for this same Operation Spartan Shield in order to help prepare the construction efforts necessary for the large scale deployment in 2018.

We offer our thanks and gratitude to these fine Patriots and also send our prayers and thoughts alongside them as they attempt to finish the fight.


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Anonymous No. 10285 2017-10-25 : 06:57

National Guard not supposed to be deployed outside of US borders

Anonymous No. 10301 2017-10-25 : 09:11

10285 -

Read Title 10 regarding federalization and call up to active duty.

Guard troops have been previously Federalized and deployed for WWII, Korea, Nam Iraq and Afghanistan.

After a few Hurricanes where Governors played politics at the expense of victims in a disaster zone by delaying NG deployments. Congress In 2007, passed a new Federal Law placing the NG under the President during times of war and National Emergencies.

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