By: Kyle James | 10-27-2017 | News
Photo credit: Unite Here Local 11

WATCH: Man Arrested After Plowing Through Protesters Outside California Representative's Office

A protest turned ugly when a driver came into the intersection where protesters where crossing. Video of the event shows the driver of a dark sedan who lost patience waiting for protesters to cross the road and began to just drive into them. The driver of the vehicle was 56-year-old Daniel Wenzek and he was arrested at the scene by police on suspicion of felony assault with a deadly weapon.

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The protesters were demonstrating outside California state Rep. Ed Royce’s office in Brea and remained peaceful for a whole 20 minutes. That is when at least some of the protesters moved into and blocked the intersection of Birch Street and Brea Boulevard when Wenzek began to move his vehicle through the crowd.

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Lt. Kelly Carpenter said the driver's motives are still under investigation but the crowd was dispersing when the driver went forward, "We asked them to clear, and they did. The protest was almost over, and they were walking back when this car came to the crowd." The officers on scene witnessed Wenzek drive into the crowd and quickly surrounded his vehicle removing the keys from the ignition.

President of SEIU United Service Workers West David Huerta said that four members and two staffers were taken to a local hospital for evaluations but no serious injuries were reported. Huerta said the SEIU will cooperate fully with the authorities in the investigation.

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Anonymous No. 10427 2017-10-27 : 10:27

Other video's show the protesters impeding and threatening drivers.

I would have just taken my foot off the brake and allowed the car to slowly coast forward.

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