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Blitzer Lies!

We all know that CNN is considered “Fake News”.

In fact we're likely to suggest they're the Communist News Network, where they continuously push propaganda and myth to their viewers with wild theories and outright incorrect arguments in their opinion pieces.

However, they sometimes tell a complete lie, intentionally; that is heard by millions of viewers.

Recently CNN’s Wolf Blitzer went on the air and did exactly that; and we all know it's a lie. There's no way around it. It was a lie, and Wolf Blitzer knew he was telling a lie when he did it.

Today Wolf Blitzer had a discussion on the fraudulent Dossier that we know Fusion GPS was behind.

We also now know <a href="">without a shadow of a doubt that Hillary Clinton</a> and the DNC helped pay for that fraudulent document to slander then Candidate Trump.

Wolf however on his fake news broadcast today tells us that a Republican was the first to pay Fusion GPS for what he tried to label as <i>”opposition research”</i>, and said that the alleged GOP Anti-Trump donor was no longer involved by the time Fusion contracted with Christopher Steele to create the fraudulent dossier.

Let's get this straight folks, first and foremost. Hillary Clinton <i>colluded with a foreign country during our elections</i>, by hiring a former British Intelligence Agent, Christopher Steele (MI6) and Russia (where Fusion GPS negotiated to obtain Trump's hotel visit logs while overseas</i>, in order to create this slander attempt to get a leg up during the campaign

The lying, disgraceful Wolf Blitzer said that a Republican “first established contact” with Fusion GPS, which is partially right, also in the sense that the traitorous John McCain also had knowledge of the dossier, but the floating banner (chyron) beneath Blitzer the entire Time said that an Anti-Trump Republican <i>funded</i> the fraudulent dossier (they failed to mention it was fraudulent also).

“Who’s the anti-Trump Republican who helped fund the dossier?” the floating banner stated, in an outright attempt to mislead millions of viewers.

To clarify once again, the hired former MI6 Agent Christopher Steele and the fraudulent dossier did not become a part of the Fusion GPS ploy until long after any Republicans from the Anti-Trump movement canceled their contracts and the DNC and Clinton campaign took over full payment to deceive the masses.

During the intentional propaganda segment, Blitzer’s guest was Representative Sean Duffy, who also made the point that it has not been independently confirmed by anyone as of yet that any Republican even an Anti-Trumper was ever a Fusion GPS client at all; these are just hearsay reports that have fluctuated since the election.

“I don’t think they have credibility,” Duffy said in regards to Fusion GPS. “I have seen no independent verification of that outside of what Fusion GPS said.”

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Now why is CNN continued to be allowed to produce and air this type of rhetoric which is a complete lie? Why do they even have press passes?

CNN is no different from a daytime talk show with a hybrid of a soap opera. Facts don't matter and I guarantee their producers are fully aware of what's going on.

Now that the JFK Files have proven that the CIA did in fact have 40 journalists several decades ago, it's fair to suggest they have multiplied those numbers by several dozens as of now.

Is CNN a Deep State propaganda network? I think that's honestly a fair and balanced question to ask knowing what we now know.

That's something we should all talk about as Americans.

Sure everyone makes mistakes in specifics on a story. We've all done it as journalists; that's just part of life. Nobody is perfect.

However there is a major difference in a slight screw up over a fresh story than intentionally lying to the masses on something that millions of people already know to be untrue.

At what point does the lügenpresse no longer become safe for society? When do they violate the law and commit slander or even libel?

When they have millions of people watching and tell an outright, hateful, knowing lie; should they have their media and broadcast licensing revoked?

This is harmful to America, and CNN feels like it's trying to discredit the rightful Presidential Administration of Donald Trump, and subvert America as a whole.

I think they should be taken down. Completely.

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Anonymous No. 10463 2017-10-28 : 00:54

Shut down CNN

David R. No. 10467 2017-10-28 : 02:24

According to Breitbart news today Blitzer may be telling the truth.

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