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Illegal Immigrants Exposed By Fliers Circulating In Washington

A group in Burien, Washinton is posting fliers exposing the names and addresses of alleged illegal immigrants in the Burien community. The fliers claim those exposed in the fliers are illegals who are accused of drug dealing, murder or rape. The fliers were distributed in letters to thousands of Burien residents in the last week.

Maps of crimes were included in the list of names. One resident responded by saying, "I think it's horrible. It makes my stomach turn." A group called Respect Washington is saying they are naming illegal immigrants accused of crimes from 2008-2017. The King County Sheriff's office is investigating.

Another resident chimed in saying, "It's very sickening, very repulsive, and it puts smack out there and targets members of my community." The group called Respect Washington sent the fliers out to 3,600 people who signed a petition in support of Proposition 1, a previous bill that would have repealed Burien's 'sanctuary city' status. Craig Keller founded the group and he says the names, addresses, and crime information comes from court documents and online maps of the city. Keller said, "The citizens of Burien deserve to know what danger lurks in their neighborhood."

Local sheriffs have expressed concern over the fliers citing that not all on the list may have been convicted. Sheriff John Urquhart says, "They should ignore it. They should push back. They should not tolerate this information being out there. This is an issue of putting names and specific home addresses out there and no good will come from that. And that's my issue. It should not have happened."

In reality, the information spread by Respect Washington is publicly available information and has made families aware of proximity to dangerous criminals. While there may be concern over innocent people being harassed, for the most part, the public should be aware of possible dangerous criminals living in their neighborhoods.

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Anonymous No. 10577 2017-10-29 : 13:21

It should not have happened

Anonymous No. 10578 2017-10-29 : 13:22

It's very sickening and very repulsive

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