By: Savannah Smith | 01-17-2017 | News
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Project Veritas Discovers Shocking Vicious Plans of Anti-Trump Group To Disrupt Inauguration

No U.S. Presidential Inauguration has ever made all Americans happy and pleased all at the same time. For every majority of the people who choose to celebrate, be festive and positive about the new president, the fresh administration and simply celebrate being Americans, there are bound to be those who will be unconvinced, unhappy or upset with the historic occasion. Such contrast is part of all the drama that makes American democracy alive and vibrant. But it becomes an entirely different story when predictable, harmless and acceptable drama is changed into a dangerous game of violence and crime.

Project Veritas has uncovered the shocking and vicious plans of radical anti-Trump groups and individuals who are constructing a deliberate, very intricate and grave game plan of disrupting Trump's supporters' Inauguration Ball,making sure the event is destroyed, and possibly causing even direct harm to participants. In short, the evil schemers are out to make sure that either the occasion will be cut short or that the attendees will leave not having celebrated at all, but instead flee in fear and panic.

Assets of Project Veritas were able to document through hidden cameras several meetings of radical groups planning to seriously derail the pro-Trump Deploraball Inauguration Ball to be held at the National Press Building in downtown Washington, D.C. the night before soon to be President Trump's Inauguration. The undercover shoots caught the three main plotters Luke Kuhn, Scott Green and Collin Dunn brainstorming on their game plan to disrupt the said ball.

Top of their option as revealed in the startling video is to set off butyric acid stink bombs capable of producing so vile a smell that could last a long time and force people to evacuate the building in panic. The three sick radicals were even caught discussing and exchanging notes on how exactly to go about this and what tools to use to aid their deplorable plan from tin cans to plungers.

The dubious trio also has a Plan B discussed and planned in the infamous Comet Pingpong Pizza Restaurant to get all the National Press Building's fire alarm sprinklers to get off at the same time, and force people to get out in the freezing cold during the ball. Apparently, the anti-Trump group would do anything to disrupt or destroy the event,unmindful and uncaring of any potential harm even to innocent Trump supporters or ball attendees, even plain spectators to the event. So serious are the troublesome group members with their master scheme that they even planned to do an ocular inspection of the location in order

to further polish their planned executions.

They also happen to be so confident of their ill intent that they sent a Project Veritas undercover journalist an email hailing their strong belief that they will be able to accomplish what they will set out to do, and that there would be no negative consequences on their side, nor any collateral damage.

Apparently, though, they may be evil in their thoughts,words and planned actions, but not so smart, after all. They failed to anticipate the criminal liability of their intentions and plans. The mere fact that those reprehensible guys were already scheming violent and disruptive actions make them liable for violation of D.C. Code 223571 01 which mandates that it is illegal for anyone to willfully or knowingly participate in planning or participating in acts with the intention of intimidating or frightening people or causing panic or civil unrest. Violation of the said law carries a penalty of 5-year prison term.

Due to the magnitude of the risks posed to the public and attendees to the pro-Trump Deploraball of the potential crime being cooked up by the nasty trio of Kuhn, Green and Dunn and the entire DisruptJ20 umbrella group they are representing, Project Veritas deemed it appropriate to contact, coordinate and cooperate with law agencies such as the FBI, the Secret Service and the D.C. Metro Police to sound off the alarm on the group's evil plot. Project Veritas also provided the law enforcers all the relevant information the undercover media have unearthed on the activists and organizers leading the DisruptJ20 vile movement.

The law enforcers are currently working on the case. Interestingly, as shocking as Project Veritas' discoveries are, apparently those were just introduction and teasers to the bigger earthshaking revelation- the identity of who's actually behind all those scheme to destroy the celebrations of Trump's Inauguration and take away the joy and hard-earned victory from all of Trump's American supporters and believers who have long looked forward to January 20 as their freedom and independence day.

The undercover media promised to share who's the big mastermind behind the evil plot on their succeeding episodes. Stay tuned to the succeeding great reveals of Project Veritas on vicious plots and schemes related to Trump's Inauguration to know how to fight the evil master game plan,stay together and triumph against all these desperate and sick measures.

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