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Disrespect Chinese Flag, Spend 3 Years In Jail

Yes, you are reading it correctly ladies and gentlemen, if you disrespect the flag in China, you could get jailed for 3 years.

It was made clear last week during the Chinese communist party’s annual congress, that a new strongman has risen in the form of President Xi Jinping and he is not allowing much leeway when it comes to criticism of China (or himself for that matter).

After notoriously going after corrupt officials, Mr. Jinping is now also considering instilling some newly found Chinese pride into its people.

As reported by the Chinese state news agency Xinhua this morning, the parliament will start debating tougher penalties for all those citizens who disrespect the national anthem and the flag (Colin Kaepernick, pay attention).

The draft legislation states that “violators in this regard may face punishments of up to three years of imprisonment.”

Already in September of this year, the Chinese parliament passed legislation which allowed police to give citizens 15 days detention if they were found to be disrespecting the ‘March of the Volunteers’, China’s national anthem.

The news comes as there is renewed tension between Chinese politicians and the citizens of the former British protectorate of HongKong, who fear to lose the last of their democratic rights.

The legislation is seen as a reaction against the Hong Kong’s Occupy pro-democracy protests.

These protesters rose to national Chinese fame when they booed the Chinese anthem during their soccer match against Laos in 2015.

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As you can see in the video a block of Hong Kong football fans were seen clearly disrespecting the anthem before their team beat the visitors 4-0.

Vice-chairman of the football association Mr. Pui Kwan-kay said at the time that the action was “stupid” and “meaningless”. “I cannot rule out more jeers in the next game as, honestly, there are no measures we can take to stop fans booing”.


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