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Both in India and Pakistan arranged marriages are a daily ritual for many young people.

In one of the best comedies of this year, ‘The Big Sick’ you can see how the main protagonist is saddled with this problem as he tries to make his parents understand how he just wants to date whilst his mom keeps presenting him to ‘eligible’ young girls, all from Pakistan.

And in that film, it is set in New York amongst Pakistani immigrants.

Now try and imagine what it is like for young Pakistani women from poor rural backgrounds in Muzaffargarh.

So we get to the story of newlywed Asiya Bibi, who was pushed into a wedding she didn’t want by her parents since mid September.

The young girl had tried already on three occasions to flee her marital home and return to her parents.

But in the end, she saw no other way out than to serve her husband some poison and mix it in with milk, an afternoon ritual for many Pakistanis. She had planned to do it during a family feast so there would be many witnesses seeing her husband drop to his death.

Unfortunately for her, the husband in question was not thirsty, but the 27 relatives of his that dropped in for the feast were.

They all drank it and 8 of them died within the next two hours. Others were taken to nearby hospitals were they also passed away in the next few days.

According to Senior police official Mr Owais Ahmad, Miss Asiya Bibi has been charged with murder. Furthermore, a man alleged to be her lover, and his aunt, have also been arrested.

Police now say that 13 people have died whilst 14 remain hospitalized.

The Pakistani broadcaster Geo TV meanwhile says the total number of dead is now 15 (with three children among them).


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Anonymous No. 10817 1509482243

Can you imagine what divorcing this woman would be like?

Anonymous No. 10819 1509483777

Milk and cookies as a last meal

Anonymous No. 10821 1509484857

>When you want to be a slut so bad that you are willing to kill for it but accidentally end up killing everyone but the person you're to be married to

Anonymous No. 10845 1509514692

Why not just bomb them yelling Allahu Ackbar?

Thought it was tradition there.

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