By: Savannah Smith | 11-01-2017 | News
Photo credit: Sitel Intel Group

Creepy: Months-Old Photo of a Cell with ISIS Logo Taken in Same NY Attack Street

A photo is going viral online and it is sending chills down people’s spines as it shows an ISIS logo on a cellphone taken weeks ago but in the same exact spot where the Manhattan truck attacker mounted a bike path killing in the process eight people.

The photograph was posted about two months ago where a man’s hand could be seen holding the mobile phone with the ISIS logo on the screen taken along the junction of Houston Street and West Street in Manhattan with the skyscrapers including 1 World Trade Center visible in the background.

It is the same spot where the horrific terror attack took place on Tuesday as terrorist Sayfullo Saipov drove a hired truck on to West Side Highway before ramming through pedestrians and cyclists along a bike path.

SITE, a respected group which monitors terror activity, says the image appeared online as far back as two months ago. It is not clear which site the said image first appeared in.

It has yet to be determined who was holding the phone in the photograph. It has yet to be established also if the person or persons involved in the said photograph and those who may have originally uploaded it are connected or known to the terrorist Saipov who staged the Manhattan attack.

ISIS has yet to claim responsibility for the dastardly attack, but authorities found terror propaganda material inside the truck used by Saipov in the attack.

Saipov’s chosen method is also consistent with past ISIS terror attacks including using a rented vehicle, leaving propaganda material inside, and following up the vehicle attack with secondary weapons.

After plowing his truck down pedestrians and cyclists, Saipov then crashed his vehicle into a school bus before running down the highway holding fake guns. An NYPD officer shot the terrorist in the stomach and Saipov was later arrested and taken to a hospital.

Based from past actions, ISIS does not claim responsibility for a terror attack when the perpetrator is arrested, and not killed.

Pro-ISIS channels, however, have been sharing propaganda praising Saipov after he killed eight people in Manhattan. Worse, there have been posters going around online showing images of the Statue of Liberty exploding along side pictures of the carnage caused by Saipov.

Some supporters and sympathizers of ISIS have even called Saipov “a brother” while others expressed disappointment that “only eight people” were killed, arguing that a “bigger street” should have been picked.


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Looks like the hand of David

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