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It's Okay to Be White Signs Spur Controversy

What's the most innocuous slogan you could create to cause an uproar? Evidently, in our ultra-offended age, it doesn't take much at all to seriously rustle some jimmies. It all started with signs appearing at a Boston university October 23 simply stating that one should not have to apologize for the color of their skin. Even if that skin color happens to be white. After the news reported that "Don't apologize for being white" was a white supremacist slogan, <a href="">4channers took this as a challenge</a>.

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As of October 31, posts calling for posters with the slogan "It's Okay to Be White" started to appear at the image board. The idea was in order to offer "proof of concept" that even the most "harmless message" could cause a "massive media sh*tstorm." A Redditor posted a picture of the "It's Okay to Be White" poster explaining that "Racists are putting up Nazi propaganda in my town." The Washington Post covered the story yesterday. When the posters were discovered at a Maryland high school, the principal Renay Johnson explained they were "taking this seriously" and were currently investigating the incident that they believed was part of a "national campaign to foment racial and political tension in our school and community."

The Boston Globe also reported a story about the "It's Okay To Be White" campaign noting that stickers were found on electrical boxes in Cambridge Common and Harvard Square. Cambridge police spokesman Jeremy Warnich warned "officers are looking into the incident." So, is the message here that being ok with being white makes one a white supremacist? As far as I know "supremacy" infers a belief one is better, whereas "okay" just means… well, OK.

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Anonymous No. 10977 2017-11-02 : 21:54


Goldwater sucks off cuckchan now?

Anonymous No. 10985 2017-11-02 : 23:03


The Goldwater is independent media. They get their news everywhere.

Anonymous No. 10986 2017-11-02 : 23:04


Do you have a problem with being white?

Anonymous No. 10993 2017-11-03 : 00:06

No. I have a problem with FTM cuckchanners and blacks.

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