By: Earnest Jones | 01-20-2017 | News

Donald Trump's Inauguration Countdown

The big day is finally here, fireworks are about to herald Trump's big moment, the President-elect swept into Washington on Thursday on the evening of his presidential inauguration as he vowed to unify a nation that has been sorely divided and as a result its clamoring for change.

The President-elect made it clear that his presidency is a movement like no other, adding that America has not seen it before. Mr. Trump declared this at a celebratory evening concert on Thursday night with the majestic Lincoln Memorial for a backdrop.

Its no surprise to find out that Trump expressed his deep gratitude towards the unwavering supporters who were with him from the very beginning as he pledged that they are not forgotten. Trump said goodbye to his supporters and then fireworks exploded into the sky.

The President-elect started taking more accessories of the presidency during the day, he gave a salute to the Air Force officer who had welcomed him as he stepped off a military jet with wife Melania at Joint Andrews just outside Washington. Mr. Trump also placed a ceremonial wreath at Arlington National Cemetery.

Speaking at a lunch on his ballroom at his own hotel, Trump gave a shout-out to Republican congressional leaders, adding that he just wanted to let the world know that they're doing very well together.

In a statement made by the House Speaker Paul Ryan, he pointed out that he'll finally have someone to sign legislation into law. Trump also derved into the territory of the unknowable to boast about his Cabinet selections pointing out that they had the highest IQ compared to any other Cabinet.

Its no surprise that protests have kicked off outside of the Deploraball, a gathering of Trump supporters from the so-called alt-right , a bunch of loser's movement which was conceptualized online and has links to white nationalism and anti-semitism.

The demonstrators made their way through the street chanting no Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA! As they blocked the entrance to the event. However, the police pushed the protesters back as the air began to fill with smoke from firecrackers.

And now, a day before he officially takes his oath as the 45th President of the U.S., so forward-looking, Trump is confident of how he would perform as the new Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. that he already has a working slogan for his 2020 reelection bid. Trump revealed in a recent newspaper interview . It's a take off and a logical continuation of his Make America Great Again- none other than Keep America Great!

Trump also proved that he is serious with the slogan that he called on his lawyer during the interview where he first revealed the new slogan, and then instructed to have Keep America Great! trademarked for him. He earlier had the same vision for the winning Make America Great Again slogan as he sought its trademark as early as 2012.

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Major James Burdock No. 1109 2017-01-22 : 04:44

Thanks for having me on the show. The resounding backlash from the main-stream media against President Trump's inauguration speech is again the predictable knee-jerk fear-mongering finger-pointing accusations of racism, xenophobia, yada-yada you complete the list.

What they cannot hear above their own screaming are the words of the president.

There is no room for prejudice.

This practice will delay legislation and hurt all members of House and Senate regardless of the bill.

If you don't show up, if you don't call in you are not representing those who elected you. "Dog ate my homework" ain't gonna cut it.

Our representatives will soon realize that simply protesting everything in front of them will no longer be popular. Having a good idea to help constituents will save them in the mid-terms.

The starter's pistol echoed around the world and they don't even realize they should be running now.

Major James Burdock predicts an unprecedented mid-term Republican upset.

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