By: Steve Dellar | 11-03-2017 | News
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Man Queues Three Days For iPhoneX, Realizes Can’t Afford It

Apple must be thrilled to see the lines are back. Yes, dear readers, the carnival of consumerism has started again and people are queuing up to get the newest iPhoneX.

A fabulous story for that matter reached us from our London desk where someone spent three days waiting in line, just to be the first one to get his hands on the new device, only to realize in the end he couldn’t afford it.

Here’s the story. UK reality TV Start Marco Pierre White Jr, the son of a famous chef, who is famous for being the son of a famous chef, had bragged online how he and a friend of his, who will remain unnamed, would be the first in line to get a new iPhoneX.

And indeed, some three days before the store would start selling them, the duo showed up, relieving the other of their duty every few hours so they could take the necessary toilet breaks. Three days for a phone, wauw

I myself have an iPhone5 which was a gift by the way, then again, this is probably not aimed at my generation, but we’re drifting off the point here I feel.

Mr Pierre White Jr and his friend were greeted yesterday night by an Apple representative who indeed guaranteed that they would be the first and then gave them (as well as the 20 other first people in the queue) a wristband so people could go home and refresh before the stores would open and journalists would show up to photograph them. That’s a nice thought.

Only problem is that the friend of Mr Pierre White Jr is addicted to online gambling and when he want home, played online casino games till he didn’t have a dime left in his pocket, leaving him with a great story and no iPhoneX. He tried explaining it to his friends and the Apple personnel, but for some strange reason they don’t give these things out for free.

Damn. Three days lost.

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