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Overnight Fisherman in Camden, Tennessee Reel in Decomposed Corpse

A group of friends near Camden, Tennessee were out yesterday evening enjoying overnight fishing along the Tennessee River when they had their hooks caught up on something they thought was possibly a giant catfish of legend and tall tales in the area, yet they couldn't seem to break free of what appeared to be a snag.

As the group continued to twist and turn and try to free their line in the dark, they quickly realized whatever they had was dead weight and wouldn't be able to be pulled into their grasp.

Once they approached the shoreline however after reeling in as much as they could, the men pulled out their flashlights to take a look at whatever they had captured.

To their shock and complete horror it wasn't a giant catfish, but a decomposing human corpse.

The men quickly contacted the Benton County Sheriff's Office who also dispatched several Humphreys County Deputies since the location they were fishing was rough upon the county-line.

As the law enforcement agencies inspected the body pulling it from the water however they knew this was a crime scene.

They looked closer and noticed that the body had apparently been hooked into a trotline which was intentionally left out into the water.

The placement of the hooks into the body and the sheer number of them suggesting this wasn't an accidental death; they may be dealing with a homicide.

Both Sheriff's offices being baffled entirely contacted the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation due to the homicide being found on State waters.

The body which has yet to be identified was then sent to the Medical Examiner's Office in Nashville to attempt to determine a cause of death.

Anyone who may have any potential information on the victim or the crime is urged to contact the TBI at (615) 744-4000 or call the Benton County Sheriff's Office at (731) 279-4280.


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Anonymous No. 11141 2017-11-05 : 00:22

Too many corpse floating everywhere..

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