By: Steve Dellar | 11-04-2017 | News
Photo credit: DR Nyheder | Youtube

Video: Danish Immigration Minister Forced To Flee Asylum Center

Denmark, just as the rest of Scandinavia, has seen a strong turn to the right in recent years.

The electorate has reacted to the 2015 immigration crisis, where Ms Angela Merkel of Germany decided for the whole of Europe that an unlimited number of immigrants from Syria and Iraq would be allowed to enter, by voting nationalist parties into the parliaments of Sweden, Denmark and Norway who want Scandinavian culture to be protected and who will lower benefits.

This has not gone down well with the asylum seekers in those countries of course.

And so it happened that today Ms Stølberg, the newly elected Danish minister for Immigration, Integration and Housing, had to be escorted by police and security personnel as disgruntled residents chased her after a visit where they were informed that some of them would need to pack up and leave Denmark.

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The footage shows Ms Stølberg being escorted back to her car by the police as angry migrants start surrounding her.

One of the centres residents, Mr Valid Rahmatti explained that the asylum applicants had wanted to talk to her about their personal cases to try and persuade the minister so they could stay in Denmark: "They had baked cakes, bought flowers and made signs on which the words 'we are not criminals' are written. But we are all considered problems, so all she did was go in and talk to one chose family."

Ms Stølberg, a member of the centre-right coalition government, took to Facebook to thank both the police and security after the accident at Sjælsmark.

She said: "After talking to a family of rejected asylum seekers, I came outside where about 40 people had gathered. Here the situation developed dramatically when the group became very excited. I ended up being evacuated out of the centre. I would like to thank both the bodyguards and the ministerial driver very much for the effort. Without you, it could have ended completely wrong."


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Anonymous No. 11130 2017-11-04 : 19:10

The Danes are coming to their senses, sending them all back.

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