By: Kaoru Moulton | 11-07-2017 | News
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Woman Blames GPS After Driving Into River

What if your car's navigation system is leading you into a river?

A New York woman is blaming her navigation system instead of herself.

The reports say that she was driving her car following its GPS navigation system while traveling through Port Jervis. But the GPS took her down into the Neversink River.

“I saw water hit my windshield and then looked around and realized I was in the water,” said the 30 years old woman. Her vehicle was new 2017 model.

She could not open her car door or window to get out of the car.

She said that she called 911 immediately, while rescuers arrived quickly.

She was helped up the bank by a rope team.

Her family took her to her home safely.

GPS system is sometimes directing you to such an odd place or tries to direct you on a weird route. That is because it is a machine, and not human…..well your spouse or partner on your front passenger seat would do the same, and do you trust her(him)? I bet some of them say "No way", but they trust GPS. GPS could be worse!


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Anonymous No. 11300 2017-11-07 : 15:49

Some people are simply too stupid to operate automobiles. This would of course be roughly 40% of the US.

Lacey McKenzie No. 11800 2017-11-14 : 04:52

Well.. hopefully she'll pay more attention next time. This reminds me of an episode of The Office. Glad she is safe, though.

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