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Canadian Bizarre Car Crash Leaves Five ..Naked

One of the weirder headlines, we admit, but then again, police are just as stunned as you are.

Probably we’ve all done something stupid when we were young. I for one will admit that when I got my license at the age of 17, I was not allowed to drive during the weekends of that first year with my “E” sign, which stands for ‘Etudiant’ or ‘Student Driver’ if you will. However at that age, all you want to do during the weekend is impress girls and drive them to the local discotheque, so of course, I pulled it off the car.

This resulted in a very hasty 180° turn on a bridge one weekend night when I saw a police control further down the road, and after only three weeks I decided to stick to the rules.

We can only guess that the following is also a ‘sin of youth.’

Police in Western Canada is scratching their heads for an explanation after a bizarre collision on a rural road.

On Monday, in the town of Nisku, south of Edmonton, Alberta, they were called for a collision between a truck and a car.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police commander Ms. Laurel Scott explains that when they arrived, they found that five people in the car were naked. The five were then arrested for a "purposeful collision."

Ms. Scott went on to call the incident "very bizarre" and stated: "We are trying to sort through all the different information we have so we can figure out from start to finish what this incident is all about."

Drugs or alcohol may have been a factor according to law enforcement. We tend to agree with that one.

We’ll keep you updated once we get an answer to this bizarre story.


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Anonymous No. 11380 2017-11-08 : 15:22

Next time you rent a car, ask for "intentional collision insurance." The reaction is priceless.

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