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Michael Jackson’s daughter claims he was murdered: “They’re gonna kill me one day”

Michael Jackson’s daughter says that she believes her father Michael Jackson was murdered. Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson held a rare in-depth interview with Rolling Stone to discuss her life since the pop star’s death back in 2009. The 18-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe revealed that she has had to run the public gauntlet from constant online bullying to insinuations that Michael Jackson was not her biological father. However, Paris rejects such claims, adding that she considers herself black as she recalls how her father would look her in the eyes and point his finger at her telling her that she’s black and that she should be proud of her roots.

Paris blamed the infamous Dr. Conrad Murray for her father’s decision to use the surgical anesthetic to treat his chronic insomnia. Following Michael’s death, Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Jackson’s death in 2011 and served two years in prison. However, Paris does not think that the drug and its misuse killed her father. Instead, she believes that he was murdered. Speaking to Rolling stone, she insisted that it was obvious adding that all arrows point to that.

Paris emphasized that all real fans and everyone in the family knows the truth. As she emphasizes that it was a setup and bullshit. She also said that her father would hint about people being out to get him and that at some point he was like, they’re gonna kill me one day. However, when asked who she believes could have killed Michael Jackson, Paris emphasized that a lot of people could have been behind the murder, adding that in the meantime, she was just biding her time in an attempt to see that the said alleged killer faces the consequences of his or her crimes. Paris emphasized that she wants justice for her father’s death. And that she’s trying to play the chess game the right way.

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