By: Steve Dellar | 11-13-2017 | News
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Hindu Insults Mohammed On Facebook - 20,000 Rioters Descend

Back in August of 1947, the great British crown jewel called India got its independence and that’s where the problems started between Muslims and Hindus.

Whereas both religious groups could cope with each other when they were both ruled by a British foreign government which brought standards and order, as from the moment they gained their independence and power had to be brokered between the different religious groups, problems started to arise.

For this reason, it was decided later that three separate countries would emerge. India (Hindu), Pakistan and Bangladesh, then still called West and East Pakistan (both Muslim countries).

This went with a lot of violence, angry mobs and ritual killings. A historical fact that is mostly overlooked, but which caused massive anger amongst the populations.

From time to time, reports come in from one of the border towns where a remainder of Hindus live in a Muslim area or vice versa.

And so it was this weekend when a local Hindu man, Mr Titu Roy, living in a border area in Muslim Bangladesh had posted a nasty comment on Facebook about the Muslim ‘Prophet Mohammed.’

As a result, an angry mob of some 20,000 men, coming from 6 or 7 neighboring Muslim villages, descended on the village where the perpetrator lived and burned some 30 houses, killed one person and wounded five others. All this took place in the Rangpur Sadar upazila (district) and was reported in local newspapers such as the Dhaka Tribune and the Indian Express.

Police did try to stop it at a certain point, firing tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd, but to no avail.

“Jamaat tried to fuel unrest as elections are nearing,” the Rangpur Superintendent of Police Mizanur Rahman told reporters that he blamed the Islamist political party of Jamaat for having stoked the unrest.


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