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It's Happening: Jeff Sessions to Push for a New Special Counsel to Investigate Uranium One

It now appears as if United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions will push forward with the potential for a Special Counsel to be appointed in order to look into Clinton Foundation dealings and the Obama Administration’s Uranium Deal in which the Clinton Foundation profited from, the Justice Department said on Monday.

A private letter was written by Jeff Sessions to the House Judiciary Committee who will be holding an oversight hearing Tuesday, in which the ideals that the American people have demanded be further investigated at the Justice Department will be presented to recommend a potential investigation into Crooked Hillary, and Barack Obama's intentional agreement to give Russia control of American Uranium.

There is zero doubt that Barack Obama approved the sale of the Uranium, or that Hillary and Bill Clinton both profited from the dealings with a foreign government while Clinton was Secretary of State.

Such an act is not only atrocious but if further reminds the people that all the constant kvetching over “muh Russia” collusion tactics are meaningless considering that Hillary Clinton herself worked a deal with the same country her party claims somehow interfered in her historic loss to President Trump.

It's also said that Jeff Sessions had Directed a group of senior federal prosecutors to “evaluate certain issues” recently raised by Republican lawmakers, partially due to the immense pressuring from Trump supporters who have vigorously demanded justice for the crimes committed by the Clinton crime family and Barack Obama.

The new series of prosecutors will report to Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein during their ongoing research and then recommend whether any new investigations should be opened.

Those same prosecutors will also determine whether any matters that are currently under investigation require additional resources from the United States of America’s Department of Justice and whether it might be necessary to appoint a Special Counsel to oversee a probe into those matters.

This is all coming from a letter sent to Rep. Robert Goodlatte of Virginia, the Judiciary Committee's Republican chairman.

President Trump continues to demand a proper investigation into the massive Uranium scandal, Uranium One, in which we all know leads directly to Hillary Clinton.

The letter from Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd did not say what specific steps could be taken by the Justice Department to address the concerns of both Trump supporters and lawmakers, nor did it explain whether any of the matters Republicans have seized might on already be under investigation.

Many sources and reports coming out of DC already believe that these matters are under investigation and that this is as formal process to announce that action is going to be taken.

By taking these steps to not only protect the Department of Justice from scrutiny by the left, the appointment of a new special counsel could freely allow an honest investigation to occur into the Clinton Foundation and also appear as if there were no bias.

Boyd said in the letter that the department “will never evaluate any matter except on the facts and the law.”

Back in January during his confirmation hearing, Jeff Sessions said he would recuse himself from any investigations involving other Democrats or Hillary Clinton in part because he played a role as a surrogate to then-candidate Trump during the campaign.

He would have no choice but to honor those words and Jeff Sessions is a man of moral, so we can expect this to occur much like he was forced to do during the Russian investigating which led to former FBI Director and globalist puppet Robert Mueller being appointed.

There could still be some degree of chess here occurring, while there's no doubt that Mueller is not in the side of the people based upon his history, him being appointed to oversee the Russian meddling case guarantees that he cannot cover the Uranium One investigation, in part because he himself worked for the government in giving Uranium to Russia during his career.

If you look at it from that perspective it's actually genius, they gave the Democrats a bait Special Counsel since they knew there was zero collusion, simply to silence them.

House Republicans in recent weeks have launched their own probes into the Obama administration and Clinton's emails, and these are already ongoing investigations

Many members of Congress have said they want to know more about whether Obama's Department of Justice was investigating the purchase of Canadian mining company Uranium One by Rosatom, Russia's state-owned nuclear company, in 2010, which points to these matters finally being addressed officially.

The agreement was reached while Clinton led the State Department and some investors in the company had relationships with former president Bill Clinton and had donated large sums to the Clinton Foundation, and so far nothing has happened to even critique that occurrence let alone bring about federal charges.

This new letter from the Attorney General comes just one day before Sessions is to appear before the Judiciary panel for a Justice Department oversight hearing.

Democrats on the committee have already signaled that they intend to press Sessions on his knowledge of contacts between Russians and aides to the Trump campaign, which again is mindless ignorance from the Democratic Party.

They're really going to lose their minds when actual collusion is proven over Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama selling something that belonged to the American people to Russia for profit.

It's happening folks. Does it mean there will be charges? No.

It does, however, mean that Jeff Sessions and the DOJ are preparing to launch a new investigation into Clinton's deal with Russia and the approval from Barack Obama to make the sale. It's getting close now, to judgment day.

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