By: Steve Dellar | 11-14-2017 | News
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Frat Student Dies After 'being forced to down 18 drinks in just 90 minutes'

Recovered CCTV footage from a basement in fraternity house of the Beta Theta Pi Brothers at Penn State University, Pennsylvania, shows how the shocking hazing ritual caused Mr. Timothy Piazza, 19 years old, to die within hours.

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Mr. Piazza was a 19-year-old sophomore engineering student at Pennsylvania State University. As a pledge of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, he had to undergo hazing rituals in February of this year, which caused his death.

On an essentially empty stomach, he drank 18 drinks in 90 minutes which were given to him by the ‘brothers’ of the fraternity in an obstacle course called "The Gauntlet", which required each new pledge to drink each time from a bottle of vodka, beer, and finally a bag of wine.

In a state of obvious drunkenness, he fell on the stairs of the house and was knocked unconscious. One of the fraternity members tried to convince the others that he needed medical help but was ignored.

The next morning he wake up, tried to stand up and fell backward when he reached a standing position. After numerous falls he landed on a stone floor after hitting an iron railing, likely causing him severe head trauma.

The fraternity members then tried to wipe the blood off the floor and get him dressed as they called emergency services for help.

Mr. Piazza was rushed into surgery, where he was discovered to have a ruptured spleen and class IV hemorrhagic shock. His brain had swollen to the point that roughly half of his skull had to be removed to relieve the pressure. He died in the early morning of February 4th.

The CCTV footage, which has now been recovered, has led Centre County District Lawyer Stacy Parks Miller to charge 12 additional men in the case. She commented: People had asked us before, why would somebody delete that video if they did delete it? That’s what we wanted to know. Well, know we know – because it contained criminal conduct.”


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