By: Savannah Smith | 11-16-2017 | News
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Man, a Family Friend, Babysitting Rapes 18-Month-Old Baby

The parents were confident that they left their precious baby in good hands after all the special male babysitter happens to be a friend of the father. They could never have imagined that instead of ensuring the safety and well-being of their child, they have unwittingly placed their daughter in the hands of the devil. The man allegedly raped the 18-month-old baby girl in Delhi, India.

The baby was left by her trusting parents in the care of 21-year-old suspect who was a friend of the child’s father while they went to work.

The mother was utterly shocked when she returned home from work only to find her beloved baby girl bleeding and crying. She took her baby to the hospital and there it was confirmed that the baby was sexually assaulted.

The horrific suspect happened to be a friend and colleague of the baby’s father in a private security company. He also lived with the baby’s parents.

The parents reported the harrowing incident to the police. The authorities then wasted no time in arresting the suspect at the complainants’ home address.

Before the suspect could even be arrested by the police, however, the neighbors beat the alleged child abuser.

District Police head Chinmoy Biswal said that the suspect confessed that he “regretted his mistake.” The suspect also said he did not try to run away from the crime.

The baby-victim’s father even helped the suspect get a job as a security guard for a coffee shop. The dad also shared that the suspect had been staying in their house for about two months. He also shared that the alleged child abuser since his duty falls at night, he even volunteered to take care of the couple’s children when they are at work in the daytime. The couple has two other children who were in school at the time of the assault.

The poor baby is being monitored in the hospital. Doctors attending to her said she suffered “cuts and bruises.” The child did not have any injury that would have required surgery.

It is not yet clear the extent of charges that the suspect will face.


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