By: Steve Dellar | 11-21-2017 | News
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New Revelations In Uranium One Case

There have been new revelations in the Uranium One case, the Russian nuclear bribery investigation about the Obama administration’s sale of the Canadian company’ to the Russian state-owned nuclear company Rosatom.

Evidence gathered by an FBI undercover informant who started working on the case as early as 2009, gives conflicting information about several media reports as well as statements by Justice officials.

The FBI’s informant, Mr Douglas Campbell, gathered info over a period of 6 years about what he describes was a Russian plot to corner the uranium market.

The strategy of Russian company Uranium One focused on securing new contracts worth billions of dollars to create a new reliance on Russian nuclear fuel. As already known, Uranium One did export some of its U.S. uranium ore through a subsidiary.

Ever since his name was spread in the press, there have been references to try and discredit the value of his work as well as trying to cast doubt as to the timing (Mr Campbell started investigating in 2009, a full year before the sale of Uranium one was approved by the Obama administration).

Furthermore, the justice department has been trying to state that Mr Campbell's undercover work focused on proving the criminality inside the Rosatom subsidiary Tenex, and that he concentrated on this rather than on Rosatum itself.

However, the memos that were obtained in the press today show that he did gather very extensive documents about Rosatom's efforts to win approval to buy Uranium One.

On top of this, Mr Campbell was paid a sum of $51,000 when his undercover work was done in 2016, which is only after the convictions in the nuclear bribery case were made.

If Mr Campbell was, as some Justice officials have claimed, not trusted for his work on the Uranium One investigation, why would they keep paying him?


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