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Black Friday Shopper Buys iPhone Gets A Box Of Potatoes Instead

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One might say a Black Friday shopper should have known something wasn't right when paid only $100 for an iPhone 6 being sold out of the back of a truck. When the woman got home and opened the iPhone's box, there were only several sliced potatoes inside.

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The Black Friday sales are a golden opportunity for shoppers and scammers alike. There will be plenty of fishy things going on, such as the vehicle she bought the iPhone from being full of gadgets, clothes and other accessories. The conman likely swindled her and many other shoppers looking for a deal that might be too good to be true.

The video of the woman opening the package soon went viral but as she explains the scenario it quickly becomes obvious the woman missed many red flags such as the phone is already activated. She says, "So I ask the guy about the iPhone 6 and he’s like, ‘Ah yeah, today, I will give it to you for $100. He hands me an iPhone 6, I’m playing with it, turning it around, checking it. I ask him to call the phone and he showed me the number and I’m like, ‘Cool, it’s legit. It’s ringing. It’s working. I want it."

The woman was sold and he put the phone in a bag for her she says,"Right? Wrong. He turns around and puts the phone in the box with a piece of paper, he hands it to me, I hand him the money, I get in my car and drive home. I sit at my kitchen table about to play with the phone… The box is heavy, and I get home, and this n****r sold me a box of potatoes!"

To make things worse, the conman put an android charger in the box with the potatoes.

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Anonymous No. 12613 2017-11-25 : 05:06

I phone no. potatoes

Anonymous No. 12635 2017-11-25 : 10:53

In rule #1 of Flimflams. You can't cheat and honest person. Maybe she'll bake the potatoes and have $100 casserole☺.

Anonymous No. 12655 2017-11-25 : 16:44

Black on black crime, gotta love it. She sounds like a hood rat that should have seen thru this sham.

100 dollar casserole, hells no i b sellin dis back to some udda foo I gots to get paid. Wha da hell b ah casserole?

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