By: Kyle James | 11-26-2017 | News
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Black Friday: Racist Nurse Declares All White Women With Sons Terrorists, Rapists

A disturbingly racist tweet from a nurse at IU Health is being investigated following a social media firestorm. The nurse said in a tweet which has since been deleted, "Every white woman raises a detriment to society when they raise a son" and even goes on to say they should be "sacrificed to wolves."

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IU Health has announced they are currently investigating the tweets that have been posted by an employee the medical company recently hired. The company says the woman has never worked for Riley Children's Hospital. IU Health assured patients during their investigation the employee accused of making the derogatory and disturbing post will not have access to patient care.

In response to the heinous tweet, IU Health released a statement of their own saying, "IU Health is aware of several troubling posts on social media which appear to be from a recently hired IU Health employee. Our HR department continues to investigate the situation and the authenticity of the posts."

To put concerned patients and families at ease, the company also said, "During the investigation, that employee (who does not work at Riley Hospital for Children) will have no access to patient care."

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Anonymous No. 12734 2017-11-27 : 01:11

There is NO WAY someone who wants a specific portion of the population dead should be in charge of life or death decisions regarding ill patients.

Anonymous No. 12739 2017-11-27 : 06:31

Hmm, the statistics show that groids are much more likely to be rapists and murderers. Fucking white men, I hate them all and they're also such racist pricks!!!

Anonymous No. 12756 2017-11-27 : 11:44

Her nursing certification needs to be pulled immediately.

She obvisouly has mental issues and cannot be trusted to deliver safe and proper care to pre-teen to young adult White Males.

Imagine her with a needle filled with breach working a hospital nursey?

Anonymous No. 12782 2017-11-27 : 15:17


Taiyesha Baker, the formner nurse at Indiana University Health. “is no longer an employee”

Yes she has a history of ANTI-TRUMPER LIBERALISM.

Here she is jacking her jaws.

Anonymous No. 12736 2018-11-24 : 05:39

What a teched bitch dog.

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