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Two Woman Torn Apart By Pack Of Family Dogs

A terrifying attack occurred in Guntersville, Alabama in a neighborhood just off of Highway 79 in Marshall County. Police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened around 8 a.m. Wednesday.

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So far, investigators learned Tracey Cornelius, 46, and a friend were both attacked by four dogs who belonged to a relative of Cornelius. The attack occurred at a relative's residence just two houses down from her own home on Jason Road just south of Guntersville.

The two woman were rushed to the hospital but Cornelius was pronounced dead and the other victim is in critical condition. The family and dog owners are still trying to process what happened and told news reporters, "You need to get in your car and let this family have some time."

Following the gruesome slaying, authorities hunted down seven pit bulls that were either captured or killed by animal control. Marshall County Sheriff Scott Walls said four of the captured animals were involved in the attack and three others were captured as a precaution. All dogs but one belonged to the homeowner.

Law enforcement was forced to shoot and kill one dog and another died at the scene before authorities arrived but investigators are still trying to figure out how the dog died on scene. The dog that was killed was said to have roamed the neighborhood for several hours before law enforcement found and neutralized the deadly animal.

Perhaps the blame should lay with the animals owners, or perhaps there was something that just went off inside the animals and gave them a taste for blood. Either way, the tragedy is a grim reality check as to what pet dogs are capable of, especially if left unchecked to roam in packs on their own.

In Marshall County, there is no ordinance requiring dogs to be fenced or on leashes but portions of Alabama state code could be interpreted to support bringing felony charges against dog owners in these situations. So far, the owners of the dogs have not been charged but Sheriff Walls said the case will likely be presented to a grand jury in January to decide what, if any, charges will be brought against the dog owners.

It is worth noting the attack took place on the dog owners property and at least one of the dogs involved was on a leash at the time of the attack.

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Anonymous No. 13003 2017-11-30 : 08:43

what a way to go…

Anonymous No. 13118 2017-12-01 : 19:49

Women* learn to use spellcheck

no No. 13119 2017-12-01 : 19:50

Two Women* not Two Woman

Joanne Sgrignoli No. 13151 2017-12-02 : 14:44

Dog owners everywhere should be legally required to have their animals under control at all times. Leashes, fences, whatever it takes.

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