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Holiday Propane Safety Tips

This Holiday season, be sure to keep yourself and the whole family happy by cooking those homemade recipes accident-free. Stay safe with these handy tips for the holiday festivities and merry-making in general. Plan for what can go wrong and be aware of the potential safety hazards.

At the top of the list is kitchen-related fires. These are a common appearance in our favorite holiday films, the whole turkey will burst into flames and need a fire extinguisher to put it out. That's not exactly what you want your holiday dinner to look like so be aware of what the dangers are while countless house guests roam the cluttered kitchen. Don't leave stove items unattended, and make sure no items that can melt, burn, or be set aflame are left near the burners.

Next up we have deep-fried turkey dangers with its relatively recent appearance in holiday dinners. Be careful of things such as heating oil to a temperature so high it combusts, using the fryer to close to the house creating a fire hazard and do the proper research. It is important that you know what you are doing when handling cooking equipment such as deep fryers which have the potential to seriously injure or even kill.

We kind of covered this already but it deserves mentioning again house fires. Turkey fryers or kitchen fires are just two ways that a fire can start, things as common as the heating system need to be clean and in good repair as well as free from any combustible debris. A little preparation can go along ways when keeping your family warm during the holidays. Only roast your chestnuts on a contained open fire in your fireplace!

There is some real danger of personal injury, some things that were mentioned previously such as hot cooking oil can permanently disfigure or even kill. That's not what you want to be dealing with when your family's in town for the holidays. Keep small children away from dangerous items, stoves, alcohol and anything else that could potentially be hazardous should be out of reach of children.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning propane. We all use it in some fashion or another whether it be for the grill or keeping the house itself warm. Make sure you have the professionals evaluate your tank and set-up and conduct any necessary repair, don't put it off. Make sure any damaged or worn out parts are replaced and there are carbon monoxide detectors throughout your whole home.

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While your cracking the holiday nuts and wine bottles and putting on some Bing Crosby White Christmas here's a couple propane fails to give you an idea of what you DON'T want to happen!

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