By: Kyle James | 12-03-2017 | News
Photo credit: FOX 59

Man Dresses As Elderly Woman To Shoot His Ex-Girlfriend

An Indianapolis, Indiana man went to great lengths to assassinate his ex-girlfriend and has been sentenced to 80 years in the Indiana Department of Correction for two counts of attempted murder after dressing as an elderly woman to shoot her.

Michael Love was found guilty of ambushing his ex-girlfriend and her brother. Love shot the pair at Sltanna Reed, in 300 blocks of Eastern Ave. near New York St. The victims were loading children into an SUV to go to a daycare when the attack took place.

Love approached the vehicle dressed as an old woman and pulled a handgun from a plastic grocery bag firing multiple shots at his ex-girlfriend. The victim was struck three times and when her brother attempted to come to her aid Love shot him once in the face.

Witnesses described seeing Love dressed in a brown dress and stockings knotted at the knee, he also had a wig and mask as he ran towards the vehicle.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said, "We are grateful that the two victims survived this dangerous attack and that the children who were present were not injured. We commend the work of the investigators, cooperation of witnesses, and most importantly the courage of the victims who were essential in securing a significant sentence for this violent offender.

When Love shot his ex-girlfriend there was a protection order against love to stay away at the time.

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Anonymous No. 13224 2017-12-03 : 13:37

Why Life in Prison at Taxpayer expense?

The average cost per year to house a criminal is around $44k . Since he is in his 30's and will likely live to be 74, lets us call it 40 years. 40x44K = $1.76 Million. The US Legal system keeps to redesign its Murder laws. Life should be reserved for Mental cases.

A 5 year murder to execution schedule conducted in a special court system and only used for murders deemed deliberate and premeditated Murder.

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