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Video - Albino Dog Forced to Wear Sunglasses And Sunscreen

Sherlock the schnauzer was born a year ago in Australia with a rare form of canine albinism, giving him a white coat and electric-coloured blue eyes.

His new owner, Netta McKay, who has been providing a foster home for animals for over a decade, said that she immediately fell in love with the in-house-dog

“I had absolutely no intention of keeping Sherlock,” Ms McKay said.

“I foster lots of different dogs, and I always do the right thing and send them off to their new home. But I just fell in love with him instantly; there was something about him. I didn’t know what to expect, but I just knew he belonged to our family.”

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Sherlock’s albino status means it’s very dangerous for him to spend any time in the harsh Australian sun. If the animal is exposed to light for long periods of time, he risks severe sunburn and even skin cancer. But Ms McKay said she and her family know just how to properly care for an albino dog.

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“Albino dogs are not for everyone; they’re indoor dogs.”

“He can’t just have free access to go outside where he could sit and sunbake or he would get really burnt… We have to be really careful. You could never take him out in the boiling midday sun.”

Lately, they have him outfitted with a pair of sunglasses which protect him from the elements and make him a social media star.

“Because the sun really hurts his eyes and he will constantly be squinting. He is such a relaxed and chilled-out dog and has the funniest little personality. We’re just so lucky that he’s happy and healthy. We love him so much.”

“I tell my husband that he is never allowed to walk him on his own because Sherlock is real chick magnet, especially with those sunglasses,” Ms McKay jokingly admitted.


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