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Federal Criminal Illegal Alien now Charged with Child Rape of Children in Nebraska

Authorities say that a Federal Criminal Illegal Alien in Nebraska, who was already in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) awaiting his deportation, has now been charged with the sexual assault of four American children.

According to law enforcement, Victor Garcia-Fuentes has been imprisoned in the Douglas County Jail pending his deportation, which often times takes several months.

Then in September, while he was incarcerated, Detectives received tips that Victor Garcia-Fuentes may have sexually assaulted multiple young children who were between the ages of 5 to 12 years old.

After interviewing the children, Detectives learned graphic details of the violent sexual assaults of the children, saying that they would be issuing formal charges for four individual counts of child sexual assault against Garcia-Fuentes crimes against the children.

Upon learning that he may be facing new charges from behind bars, Garcia-Fuentes, who apparently is a member of a criminal tang enterprise in Omaha, Nebraska, then began using his connections from inside of the prison to access his extraJudicial street ties in order to intimidate the witnesses in the case trying to force them to not pursue the charges or fear testifying against him.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine spoke to<a href=""> 6 News WOWT </a>saying that Garcia-Fuentes will face numerous charges for the forced rape of the children, with “Three of them are contact charges. One is a penetration charge. So these are very serious charges.”

Omaha Police was then contacted by the children and their families asking to be placed into witness protection custody and given some sort of security because they had been threatened by individuals who wished to silence them from testifying against Garcia-Fuentes.

According to the Omaha Police, they then were able to review phone conversations which are recorded from inside the Douglas County Jail only to bring forth a new series of charges for Garcia-Fuentes after securing recordings of him ordering the intimidation of the witnesses and their families.

On those phone calls, Garcia-Fuentes spoke to an unidentified man and an unidentified woman, of whom he asked for their help to “contact” the child victims' families.

The woman on the phone warned Garcia-Fuentes that they were likely being recorded by law enforcement, so Garcia-Fuentes said he would send them a letter.

Having that admission of intimidation via a recorded jail conversation then prompted investigators to go to the jail with another search warrant and look through Garcia-Fuentes's mail to see if he had been in communication with the criminal gang he'd spoke to via the phone conversation.

Douglas County Attorney Kleine said that during some of the phone calls they also recorded Garcia-Fuentes telling an unidentified female to go to his residence and find a cell phone that was hidden behind a dresser and to remove it.

Kleine said, “There's always concerns with victims, the victims' families, and law enforcement that somebody might try to intimidate victims, intimidate witnesses to try to not have them testify.”

It's not sure whether or not that happened, or what may have been on the cell phone that had Garcia-Fuentes so concerned.

Court documents reveal Garcia-Fuentes now faces the four charges, but “denied any knowledge of the incident or knowing the victims” even though investigators believe he had a prior connection to the children.

He's scheduled for a hearing this month with the potential for multiple new indictments as well for the intimidation of the witnesses.

If convicted Garcia-Fuentes will serve a prison sentence inside the United States of America and then be deported back to where he belongs (honestly, for raping these children he belongs in a grave).

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Anonymous No. 13312 2017-12-04 : 16:14

he should rot in jail

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