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Anti-Trump Double Agent Peter Strzok Wife Destroy Evidence of Collusion w/ Clintons

This investigation deserves credit where it's due, and much of the archival and status updates of the story must be given back to anonymous imageboards such as /pol/ (both half and full would likely prefer if I didn't name them either) and Reddit’s own The_Donald subreddit (neither have asked for credit, but the autists responsible for the investigation and archival purposes deserve it and it's never given to them by the media).

Quick rundown of what we know:

Peter Strzok was working as the number two involved in investigating the misuse and improper handling of Hillary Clinton's email server.

Peter Strzok also improperly manipulated the findings of that investigation, to manipulate the final conclusion given by James Comey in order to give the impression that Hillary Clinton's aides, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, had done nothing wrong.

Essentially Peter Strzok, as we now know, is veraciously Anti-Trump, and Pro-Hillary Clinton, and may even potentially have committed Federal Crimes in the cover-up of he actually crimes committed by the Clinton Campaign and her aides (it's believed so but this is not something that I can determine, but for Congress and a multitude of committees to decide).

As if matters weren't already incredibly shady between Strzok and his Clinton bias, he was appointed as a leading agent into Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s (also biased) investigation into the Trump Campaign and transitional team's nonexistent alleged Russian Collusion investigation, even whilst having this obvious pro-Clinton, Anti-Trump bias.

Peter Strzok, was able to obtain a partial confession from General Michael Flynn that led to a plea deal, which was obtained via fraud, since the Mueller team never granted any disclosure of the exculpatory material surrounding Peter Strzok to his defense (the obvious defense perspective here is that Michael Flynn should seek to have his confession and plea deal thrown out as null and void because of this).

At some point during the investigation, it became known to Robert Mueller that Peter Strzok was corrupted, allegedly after Anti-Trump text messages were discovered being sent by Strzok to and from a mistress.

Due to this revelation, Strzok was removed from the investigation itself, and now could be summoned before a Congressional hearing if not indicted by a Grand Jury himself for what are clearly crimes.

Okay, that's the summary of the facts, now let's throw gasoline onto the fire a bit more.

<blockquote class="reddit-card"><a href="">HUGE: PETER STRZOK'S WIFE REMOVES ALL EVIDENCE OF HILLARY CLINTON / OBAMA SUPPORT</a> from <a href="">The_Donald</a></blockquote>

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As per the post above on r/The_Donald users have compiled the evidence necessary to ensure that regardless of the efforts of the wife of Peter Strzok (who unsurprisingly is standing by her husband despite his alleged extramarital affairs) to remove evidence of any ties to the Democratic Party, or the Clintons, the internet never forgets.

Criminals should realize by now that common methodology of those compiling data is to archive their old posts, and that ensures that the deletions they've made are meaningless outside of showing that they have something to hide, to begin with.

Moving on to the findings:

Here's an<a href=""> archive of Peter Strzok’s alleged wife's page</a>, “Melissa Hman”, which clearly shows that she had previous likes of a multitude of Democrats including the Obamas, Hillary Clinton, her Alama Mater at Michigan University, among other preferences, dated December 3rd (prior to the major news breaking about Strzok).

<img src="" style="max-height:640px;max-width:360px;">

If you fast forward to a<a href=""> modern archive dated on December 5th of the same page</a>, however, all mentions of these schools, Democratic likes, and affiliates have been scrubbed.

<img src="" style="max-height:640px;max-width:360px;">

Now this isn't exactly damning but is in the same sense circumstantial evidence that shows a desire to remove what was once visible.

It would, of course, be up to a jury to decide why that person found it necessary after the news broke about potential cover-ups for the Clintons, as to why that information was removed.

It certainly doesn't help the Strzok's case.

We also have an Obituary, listing both Melissa (and her husband Peter) Strzok as surviving the passing of a<a href=""> deceased Ann McIntyre</a> who is also listed as to send flowers at the address given for the couple, further confirming this is indeed the disgraced FBI Agent and his wife (Folks this can all be found on the open internet, blame none other than our live records and failures to ensure their privacy for these findings).

Not to mention<a href=""> Heavy has now ran an article </a>confirming these findings as well.

Now to further underscore that these were indeed the pages belonging to Melissa Hodgman, here's a<a href=""> Securities and Exchange Commission press release announcing her promotion </a>to Associate Director in the SEC’s Enforcement Division on October 14th, of 2016.

As if that isn't curious enough, she received this major promotion just weeks before<a href=""> James Comey would announce he was clearing the emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop</a>, conveniently enough.

Pure coincidence? Or was she promoted to ensure her silence?

Note that another<a href=""> report about the emails found by the Chicago Tribune</a>, first printed November 2nd of 2016 suggested that Comey had known about these emails “for weeks”.

As recent intelligence officials have been quoted as saying, that with these revelations that Strzok had a bias and a potential motive (it's very possible he's paid off by treating Clinton Foundation or an ally), everything he's discovered or responsible for finding must be called into question.

The entire investigation around Robert Mueller and his Special Counsel appointment has instantaneously collapsed as a result of this mishandling.

To make matters worse for Strzok, while he was removed from the investigation into the Trump's and sent elsewhere for duty, he now has the potential of being charged himself or at minimal facing some sort of Congressional testimony before a yet-to-be-named committee.

Several of these committees and their members have already brought forth questions about his integrity and his findings, including House Intelligence Committee’s Chairman, Devin Nunez, expressed his own anger towards the Justice Department and the FBI for not disclosing why Strzok had been removed from the Special Counsel three months ago, when it should have been revealed.

In fact this double agent Peter Strzok actually changed Comey’s description of Hillary Clinton to “extremely careless”, and was considered as the number two person in charge of the investigation into Hillary Clinton at the time, so regardless of what agent testifies who had recently worked with him on the Trump investigation, his prior actions during the Clinton investigation essentially, well, it allowed Huma and Mills and possibly even Hillary Clinton to walk away free without charge.

”The shift from ‘grossly negligent’ to ‘extremely careless,’ which may appear pedestrian at first glance, reflected a decision by the FBI that could have had potentially significant legal implications, as the federal law governing the mishandling of classified material establishes criminal penalties for ‘gross negligence.’”

So essentially everything Strzok has done in his career hereafter must now be questioned entirely.

The investigation is ongoing and the internet, well, it's doing more intensive research into these traitors than our own government.

Big credit as always to /pol/ and also crediting r/The_Donald for these findings thus far.

More to come folks, I assure you. While you're at it,<a href=""> read my previous report on the matter</a>, and decide for yourself.

The collusion is real, and it's on the Clintons and those inside the FBI loyal to their crime family, no doubt covered up the Clinton investigation, and intentionally targeted the Trumps.

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