By: Steve Dellar | 12-07-2017 | News
Photo credit: Natalie Cepeniuk | Facebook

Australian Uproar As Celeb Posts Pic Of Eating Baby Kangaroo

Miss Natalie Cepeniuk, who rose to internet-fame in Australia on the account of being the former girlfriend of Farmer Wants a Wife star Lachlan McAleer, posted a picture of herself swallowing a decapitated baby kangaroo (called a ‘Joey’ in Australia) which has caused quite some uproar.

The extremely graphic photograph carried a comment next to the photo, in which Ms. Cepeniuk wrote: “I may have deep throated a joey’s neck," alongside several laughing and beer emojis.

A wildlife activist then reposted the picture, condemning Miss Cepeniuk for it. It has since drawn widespread disgust and condemnation online.

In response, Miss Cepeniuk took a separate pig hunting page that she runs (Mspgr) to defend her actions, saying that the joey was dead when the photo was taken. She claimed to have accidentally run over the mother kangaroo while hunting and had “humanely put the joey out of its misery.”

Though it is a disturbing image, Miss Cepeniuk’s actions do not violate any animal welfare laws, which are designed to protect animals from suffering while they are alive.

“Woweeee I’ve hit a few nerves with a few greenies and haters,” the post reads.

“The joey that everyone is carrying on about was not alive. It was HUMANELY put out of its misery because its mother jumped in front of my Ute.”

“I did not shoot the mother so let’s get that straight. I could have kept driving and left the baby to die or get eaten alive by meat ants in the pouch but I didn’t, I turned around and checked the Roo.”

“How is it animal cruelty if the joey was dead? Anyone who knows me knows I do love animals but I’m also a realist! I was not going to ring wires for an already mangled joey - that would have been cruel keeping it alive!”


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Anonymous No. 13484 2017-12-07 : 11:59

Just another nut case wanting 15 mins of oddity fame. Can't do it with talent, so does something totally inhumane to get attention.

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