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Malicious, Sexist Media Turn Serious Trudeau-Ivanka Meeting Into Sleazy Tabloid Stuff

No wonder the public is losing trust and confidence in mainstream media, with many treating what the established media deliver as ' fake news'. That's how mainstream media have become so discredited, no thanks to their own doing. A look at some of the supposedly more reputable media's coverage of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's White House visit will reveal how uncritical, uninspiring, unimaginative, lazy and shallow media could be. Many gave too much prominence and unnecessary drama to how supposedly first daughter Ivanka Trump "swooned" over Trudeau in their roundtable discussion about women in the workforce.

Instead of focusing on the discussion theme- relevant and serious under an administration and President previously scored for supposedly being sexist, and fresh from so-called women's protests following his inauguration- the media chose to create drama, intrigue and petty insinuations even when there was really nothing malicious to go by.

One publication better known for its insatiable thirst for greater views, clicks, shares for trending potential of its articles rather than any semblance of good journalism, The Huffington Post, went the extra mile to outdo everyone else, and came out with the lowest, meanest, most deplorable content on Ivanka and Trudeau meeting.

The roundtable discussion is an official event for the visiting leader Trudeau, with a serious and relevant theme meant for women empowerment and equality especially in the workforce, attended by Ivanka, a member of the official family yet Huffington Post decided to turn it into an entertainment piece, and worse perhaps as potential defense from its libelous content categorized the piece as "comedy".

The Huffington Post used such an atrocious title for its 'comedic' piece: "Ivanka Trump Looked Thirsty AF While Glancing At Justin Trudeau". What a pathetic, malicious, sexually-charged insinuation. Remember this is not only a visiting world leader we are talking about, irrespective of how handsome or attractive he looks- that's beside the point, and a first daughter, but two persons who are both happily and faithfully married with young children to boot. The paper did not respect those facts and the subjects' families who potentially will be hurt by the malicious imputations. Who cares about values in the name of number of views and volume of shares?

Then The Huffington Post decided to pile up more garbage and went on to share some equally malicious and uncalled for tweets either implying or joking about Ivanka's supposed "uncontrollable attraction" to Trudeau. Not satisfied, The Huffington Post decided to live out its seeming fantasy or real target of being a trashy tabloid, and while running close-ups of Ivanka giving Trudeau ' the look' wrote that " It doesn't look like female entrepreneurship was the only thing on Ivanka's mind" and went on to suggest possible thoughts running on Ivanka's mind at that time, with some outrageous remarks that Ivanka could be fantasizing or mistaking Trudeau for her husband, Jared Kushner. The supposed suggested captions implied that Ivanka was being unfaithful to her husband in her thoughts in the presence of ' that face' of Trudeau. Oh, but no worries, because still according to the trashy article, Ivanka's dilemma is nothing that a cold shower can not cure.

Then again, it was supposed to be written under entertainment and categorized as 'comedy'. So no harm, right? It can only hurt those who do not have a sense of humor, true? No! For there lies the danger, comedy was just the convenient excuse to get away with murder- or in this case, bad, malicious, irrelevant, shallow 'journalism'.

Why even make a comedy out of a serious event, one that aims to empower women? And why in the process of churning out comedy do media have to oppress women, or in this case Ivanka as a woman and stereotype her as a swooning girl in the presence of such a handsome man as Justin Trudeau? Wasn't Ivanka simply being a gracious host on behalf of her father and the American people to the leader of a neighbor and ally, Canada? Wasn't Ivanka, strong on women's issues, just being engaging? And was there really anything extra ordinary to those supposed looks, or those were just regular Ivanka stares? Most importantly, are these trivial concerns more important than the real event, a discussion on women's participation in the workforce, the challenges women face, and their prospects and hopes for a better, more equal work environment and opportunities perhaps? What could the U.S. and Canada both share on this concern, or learn from each other's experience, especially since both countries are big on women's rights? These are far more relevant angles or story focus media could have delved on instead of going after sleazy content.

Mainstream media had a field day when an audio scandal involving Trump decades ago surfaced during the campaign and were quick to judge Trump the candidate as sexist, malicious and everything bad. The media ought to look at their own behavior now when something as Trudeau-Ivanka meeting/discussion happens, did they not turn sexist themselves, focusing on stereotypes and oppressing women like Ivanka? At least, Trump then had the decency to apologize for whoever he has hurt with that old recording resurfacing. Will the media even have the proper respect to say sorry to Ivanka, her husband and children on this malicious coverage, and for all women in general for their sexist take of a serious women-focused discussion?

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Anonymous No. 1384 2017-02-16 : 14:30

idiotic media! ivanka is classy and dignified, nit slutty or even flirtatious.

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