By: Steve Dellar | 12-12-2017 | News
Photo credit: John T. Grelick

Dallas Police Chief Says Millennials Are To Blame For Officer Shortage

Dallas Police Department is struggling to make up for a shortage of police officers so Chief Renee hall appeared before city council members Monday to discuss some ways to fill the jobs.

Some of the options considered were rewarding officers who recruit candidates and eliminating some of the automatic disqualifiers like minor drug use. Another one of Chief Halls great ideas was to shift blame onto millennials for not wanting to work "nights, weekends and holidays."

That's right, one of her ideas for recruiting more officers was to complain about the very generation she needs to fill jobs. Hall also criticized millennials for wanting to achieve career aspirations quickly such as becoming chief. Her hypocritical rhetoric was echoed by the Dallas Fire-Rescue chief, another department lacking bodies.

Hall told the city council, "We have nights, weekends and holidays — not attractive to millennials who want all days off and to be the chief in six months. We recognize that is a challenge." Dallas Fire Chief David Coatney chimed in to say, "The other challenge — they're job hopping every five years."

These two probably didn't do any favors for the city by revealing what they really think of younger generations. After all, who wouldn't want to come work for them after hearing them say millennials are lazy job-hoppers?

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Anonymous No. 13877 2017-12-12 : 17:44

It couldn't be that I just want to be able to eventually defend myself against niggers without having to deal with the jew media and my own Department trying to throw me under the bus after I do.

Anonymous No. 13880 2017-12-12 : 18:58

Jump through hoops to get hired, do the same stay on, work yourself to death and when the time comes you get screwed out of as much money as humanely possible. Sounds like a great job!

Anonymous No. 13935 2017-12-13 : 15:47

Welcome to America. You might actually pay taxes too.

Anonymous No. 13938 2017-12-13 : 16:29

The truth hurts the young up and comers. Everyone wants to think that (in this case the Police Chief) is talking about all of the new generation but that's not it at all. She is talking to the ones that take offense to the comment because "The Truth Hurts". So the ones she is talking about (you know who you are) come into9 the real world and do what it takes to be successful instead of expecting it to be given to you.

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