By: Steve Dellar | 12-13-2017 | News
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Video - Chinese Man Retrieving Phone Turns Into Fireball

It is often said that the most important development of the past decade is our apparent slavery to our mobile phone. For this man in China that was certainly the case as he rushed into a firing building to save his beloved mobile phone and came out looking like the human torch.

The bosses of the China Hookah Manufacturing Company, where the events took place, stated that the man was one of the first to run out of the factory when the fire started, but returned afterwards as he realized he had left his phone inside.

In the video you can see him coming out again, completely engulfed in flames, and with onlookers shaking their head as to how he is still able to walk in this condition.


His fellow workers then rushed onto him with a fire extinguisher and managed to extinguish the flames. From what we can only guess is the shock of the events, the man immediately stands up afterward despite his injuries.

He can then be seen stumbling around in his badly charred clothes which are ripped apart because of the fire.

Chinese media are reporting that the man is still in intensive care but is in a stable condition. There is no word on whether or not the phone is still working.

The cause of the fire which happened at the Hookah Manufacturing Company in Ningbo of Zhejiang Province is still unknown at this point.

The firefighter department of Ningbo reported that they were able to extinguish the fire after a two-hour battle with the flames.


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Anonymous No. 13903 2017-12-13 : 08:56

The Human Torch !!!! Quick, someone notify Hollywood…

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