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Misinformed Husband Chops Off Wife's Hands with Axe

It’s unfortunate that some issues spark ugly vengeance that makes man put forth his beastly nature in an attempt to deal with undesirable occurrences. Such was the case in Russia where a jealous husband chopped off both of his wife’s hands with an axe after accusing her of having a secret lover.

Russian doctors were dismayed by the incident before sowing back one hand, however, they could not save the other.

The victim, Margarita, who is a mother of two was taken to a forest by the perpetrator, Dmitry Grachyov, 26, on the grounds that she was not faithful. Grachyov used an axe to strike her fingers as he sought to torture her into a confession, but she denied his accusations.

The ferocious husband severed one hand followed by the other as blood gushed from both arms, he then drove his wife to hospital and gave himself up to police.

The victim underwent a “highly complex” nine-hour operation to reconnect one hand after the attack by her husband who has been called “Othello with an axe”. Doctors revealed that the right hand and arm was “too damaged” in the gruesome attack to be saved. Authorities have remanded the man and he’s currently in custody pending investigations into the incident.

The two have been married for five years and they have two children, sons aged three and four. Some sources revealed that the man had demanded the wife be tested on a lie detector, although he still chopped her hands.

One of the family friends identified as Dmitry revealed that he had once told her: “I’ll kill you. If need be, I’ll go to jail.” The unnamed microsurgeon, who believes his team saved one hand, said: “We started at 6.50 pm, finished at 3.50 am.

“Let’s hope that it is not in vain because so many people participated in seeking to (mend the severed hand).”

He said: “The case shocked even us — a normal person cannot do this.”

The chief physician of City Hospital No 7 in Serpukhov, Alexander Myasnikov, said: “I am immensely proud of my doctors.

“This was an outrageous case – a young woman had both hands cut off.

“I just cannot show the original pictures.

“It is just a bloody mess, even I have to strain and prepare myself to look at them.

“The surgical team did an incredible job – sewing her up even though this seemed impossible at first.” The heinous act was conducted near Panikovo village on 11 December.


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Anonymous No. 13966 2017-12-14 : 07:40

That's fucked up, that guy should never be released back into society.

Anonymous No. 13976 2017-12-14 : 09:24

Let him and the source of the misinformation suffer the same.

Roman No. 14141 2017-12-17 : 13:06

Margarita's temperature is 38, but she is already smiling. Doctors are not allowed to get up yet. You can monitor the state of Rita in the communities.

Russian Communities:

International community:

Instagram: margo_grachevacerp

If you have the desire and the opportunity to help, you can find the requisites on facebook. Funds will be used for her treatment and rehabilitation, and for the children. No one asks you for a large sum. It could be just 10 or 20 dollars. Little streams make great rivers.

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