By: Savannah Smith | 02-19-2017 | News
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CNN Just Confirmed That It Delivers Fake News

President Donald Trump in his frustration and exasperation with broadcast network CNN"elevated" his description of it from " fake news" to " very fake news". It was a statement full of conviction. Any self-respecting news organization would have taken such declaration as a challenge to prove and improve its credibility and do right by the good standards of journalism. But what did CNN do instead?

Proving true President Trump's words that the network is showing so much vile and hatred, instead of providing context or doing better stories, CNN did not take the high road but engaged instead in pathetic, vengeful move churning out, well more, fake news.

CNN tweeted on Thursday a video mocking President Trump, editing clips of his press briefing to deliberately and maliciously make the president appear like the conductor of a symphony. Trump's actual words in the press conference were muted, in their place music played in the background to mock him even more and magnify his hand gestures.

CNN even posted this message for the said video on its official account: "Turn your sound up and watch President Trump conduct an amazing symphony, er, press conference."

If that video maliciously and deliberately edited to change the facts and with only the clear intent of mocking the highest leader of the land does not qualify for fake news, we don't know what else would. It only shows how low CNN can get to retaliate against Trump, but in the process only succeeded in proving his words true-that the so-called news organization is only focused on showing vile and hatred.

Mediate, a news and opinion blog on American politics, reacted on the CNN video with a sound context. It said that "CNN isn't doing themselves any favors with this action, as they aren't taking on the high road".

Ordinary Americans and netizens also responded strongly against CNN for pulling off that disgusting stunt. They are discerning enough to know garbage and fake passing off as news when they see one.

One sarcastically said, "hahaha. And you wonder why he does not respect you". Another pointed, "get out of the gutter CNN, give him some respect." Still, another scored CNN's hero, former president Barack Obama with comparisons, "And what would have Obama had done without his ever present teleprompter to tell him what to say? Trump was great!".

CNN on its own just confirmed it delivers fake news. At least, they're consistent in that aspect, so pathetically consistent.


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Anonymous No. 1403 2017-02-19 : 19:54

fake news indeed! cnn is trashy!

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