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Superhumans Can communicate via Telepathy using AI Brain Chips

Imagine having the ability to communicate while in complete silence, well, this is about to happen if a company's new 'brain augmentation' technology becomes a reality. The brain and computer interface will enable people to not only communicate telepathically but also solve complex problems.

The reality of people implanting microchips into their brain will be possible in 15 years. The microchips will enable people to buy and delete memories, and will soon be as popular as smartphones, according to Bryan Johnson.

Mr Johnson was speaking at Speaking at Web Summit in Lisbon last month, when he said that unlocking the potential of the mind is the 'single greatest thing' humanity can achieve.

'I would expect in around 15-20 years we will have a sufficiently robust set of tools for the brain that we could pose any question we wanted.

'For example, could I have a perfect memory? Could I delete my memories? Could I increase my rate of learning, could I have brain to brain communication?' he said. Mr. Johnson considers this new technology a 'necessity' for the future of humans.

'I consider myself to be cognitively impaired because I am limited by my biases, by my blind spots. I don't want the limitations, I don't want those constraints, I want to break open', he said.

Mr Johnson also believes that microchips will become 'democratised, like smartphones.'

'Imagine a scenario where I say 'I want to know what it's like to be a cowboy in the American West in the 1800s?' and someone creates that experience mentally

'I'm able to take that and purchase that from that person and experience that.'

He said: 'The bigger question on this is: 'Is working on this a luxury or a necessity?'

'I don't understand what we are so scared of losing?

'I don't know why it would not be the singular focus of the human race because everything we do stems from our brain.'

Kernel is currently working on prototypes of a brain implant device for medical use in humans.

The firm has started to conduct tests with epilepsy patients in hospitals.


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Anonymous No. 14013 2017-12-15 : 00:57

I think you can use telepathy just being normal…

Anonymous No. 14017 2017-12-15 : 01:51

I often use telepathy to talk with my dogs and figure out what they need.

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