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ANOTHER Democrat, VA Rep. Bobby Scott Sexually Assaulted Former Congressional Black Caucus Member

It's a never-ending cycle with these Democrats! Today we have yet ANOTHER report of a sexual assault claim against Virginia Democratic Representative Bobby Scott, by a former fellow of the Congressional Black Caucus.

At this point, it seems as if such claims are almost commonplace inside the Democratic Party, as traditional values Americans are left shaking their heads at the thought of so many Democrats who are receiving taxpayer funding for their salaries engaged in this type of perverse behavior on while in elected office.

Have these Democrats no shame? This is the United States of America and the rest of the world is witnessing our politicians engage in such destructive and obscene behavior; likely wondering what the hell is going on in our country?

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The victim in this case, Macherie Reese Everson, who was a Congressional Black Caucus fellow at the time of the incident; said Rep. Scott touched her inappropriately when she worked for him dating back to 2013.

She says that she was wrongfully terminated after the harassment occurred, in what she feels was a backlash to silence her from ever telling the public what persisted under the term of Virginia Representative Bobby Scott.

It all began when the two were working together, where the Congressman inappropriately touched her” and asked her to “flirt with him on a trip to California”, she said.

Including that incident, she had ignored two other instances where she says Representative Scott had inappropriately touched her, where she was left stunned and in shock.

“I realized I had to get the heck out of there,” she said. “I tried to run to another office headed up by a female member with a female staff.”

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What makes matters even worse, is that she did, in fact, try to seek help at first, going to none other than the office of Representative Maxine Waters, where she says the staff both questioned her claims and made her out to feel as if she had done something wrong.

A very typical Democrat response; where they go in front of the cameras and act as if they're advocates for females, yet here we have a victim of a Democratic sexual assault that was committed by a prominent African-American Representative, and she was shunned for telling the truth.

A Maxine Waters spokesperson did not return a request from The Goldwater for comment, unsurprisingly enough.

Rep. Scott, of course, has denied these allegations, which is commonplace amongst Democrats in Congress after being accused, only later for the exposé to prove the initial reports as indeed being accurate.

“I was propositioned to have a sexual relationship with my boss that I did not want,” she said at a press conference in a Washington suburb, filled with cameras that she said was a major reason she had feared coming forward, at risk of smearing her family and friends in the same fashion as many victims suffer from when exposing a Democrat.

“I was retaliated against, I was wrongfully terminated, and I was blackballed,” Everson said. “Blacklisted, whatever the appropriate term is. I was prevented from moving forward in my career because I attempted to run from a situation that was sexually inappropriate, where I had been propositioned to have a sexual relationship with my boss that I did not want,” said Everson.

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Everson also said she has written documentation about the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation that dates back as early as May of 2013.

She said she could provide the documentation, but that was not made available as if yet.

<a href="">Roll Call </a>confirmed with Representative Bobby Scott last month that Everson was employed with him, and now this case is finally getting attention.

“There have been no credible complaints that I’m aware of,” Scott said when asked if he was familiar with allegations she has raised against him or any other member of Congress.

Everson regrets not coming forward before now. “Things happened that I dismissed because I didn’t want to believe they were happening,” Everson said at the press conference.

She recalled entering Representative Scott’s office, to discuss a speech she was working on, where he asked if she would attend an event with the Congressman.

She said that's when Scott proceeded to ask her if she would be “good” if she went with him, to which she replied yes.

She said that at the time she was confused by his words, not understanding what exactly he meant by her being “good”, but him being a powerful man that she looked up to, of course, she had no idea what malicious intent he had in mind.

Directly quoting Representative Scott, Everson said, “He said, ‘well if you’re gonna be good, what’s the point of you coming?’”

She assumed then that he was hinting towards some form of flirtation, which was unwanted, with her being married.

“I said no, don’t flatter yourself, and I thought I could lighten the mood in a joking way but anger flashed across his face, and he was disgusted and angry and I tried to backpedal,” Everson told reporters.

Apparently, her refusal enraged Representative Scott, who assumed he is high and mighty in his position of power.

She says that because of this, she lost her job.

“I was prevented from moving forward in my career because I attempted to run from a situation that was sexually inappropriate, where I had been propositioned to have a sexual relationship with my boss that I did not want,” Everson said at the press conference.

She said she also tried to seek out gainful employment all across the state of Virginia, and despite her resumé being filled with high-profile employment histories in government, even small townships and communities would not hire her, due to the tentacles of Representative Scott preventing her from moving forward, which she told to the local news station<a href=""> WTKR in Virginia</a>.

Representative Scott has since issued his own response, “I absolutely deny this allegation of misconduct. I have never sexually harassed anyone in my 25 years of service in the United States Congress, or in my 40 years of public services, or at any other time,” he said.

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The full statement from Virginia Representative Bobby Scott's Office says:

<blockquote>”Today, a former Congressional Black Caucus Foundation fellow, backed by a Republican operative known for dabbling in outlandish conspiracy theories, falsely alleged an act of sexual harassment against me. I absolutely deny this allegation of misconduct. I have never sexually harassed anyone in my 25 years of service in the United States Congress, or in my 40 years of public service, or at any other time. Sexual harassment and assault are serious issues deserving of critical attention and review. No one should be subjected to sexual harassment or be treated unfairly. I have fought to promote and ensure that in my political and professional life and I live by it personally. The recent national discussion about sexual harassment is valued and important to our work to continue to make the workplace free from harassment and discrimination. False allegations will squander this momentous opportunity for dialogue on meaningful change in the workplace. I am confident that this false allegation will be seen for what it is when the facts are adequately reviewed.”</blockquote>

Everson’s personal attorney, Jack Burman, has since called on Congressman Scott to resign from his position but also said that he would remove himself as her attorney because of his personal ties to the Seth Rich case, which he believes is causing her story to be silenced.

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Burkman has also been a leading voice into the<a href=""> investigation of Seth Rich</a>, a murder that The Goldwater has spent thousands of hours investigating, and a topic that causes even high-profile pundits like Fox News’ Sean Hannity to be threatened over.

“I’ve known Reese Everson professionally for four years. After careful consideration, I have decided to withdraw from representing her in this matter,” Burkman said.

It's amazing how Democratic corruption, and their ability to silence anything that could reveal further crimes, or put a spotlight into cases they want to “memory-hole” (they want you to forget it existed) always find a way of coming back into the spotlight, through even more corruption.

In this case, a completely unrelated sexual assault could remind people about Seth Rich due to Burkman’s involvement, so of course, the mainstream media has tried to ignore the story.

Despite any attempts by Democrats to suggest that Everson is out for fame or fortune, that's a false premise.

She's not seeking personal damages in the case, and she's actually since become an accomplished author, who originated being a prominent attorney prior to her victimization by Representative Scott.

Everson published a book based on female achievements and their desires to succeed back in 2014.

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<a href="">”The B.A.B.E.’s Guide to Winning in the Workplace,” </a>which has phenomenal reviews, and was applauded as a realistic experience and motivational story for conservative and traditional African-American females to be able to overcome the liberal-controlled workplace environments in order to succeed, was her masterpiece.

She writes on the back cover what some close to her claim was a hidden message in regard to the assault she was a victim of, saying that a “safe space for discussing the hidden issues and micro-inequities that largely go unspoken of when men act out the ‘boys will be boys’ mentality (which works to undermine the empowerment and advancement of women in the workplace).”

Everson feared this media barrage from coming forward, but she feels that exposing Democratic perversion like that she was victim to is far too important to remain silent.

Something that we continually hear from rape and sexual assault victims of both politicians and Hollywood elites; are the implications that they're “blacklisted” after they become a victim, a hidden list of “do-not-hire” that crushed their careers in an effort to keep them from ever achieving any power in their fields.

A major reason for this blacklisting, is that once a woman (or a male victim, as we've seen in Kevin Spacey's case) that success and becomes powerful enough to have enough protection around them, can come forward and pinpoint the politician or celebrity responsible for the crime, and remain insulated from the blacklisting and media backlash once they are financially secure.

In many of these cases, the victims are meant to be kept held down, because, without the wealth or political capital to protect them and hire a barrage of legal representation, they could easily be destroyed by the elite’s endless wallet and funding.

I for one believe that this indeed is the case, which is why so many members of Congress are alleged to have paid off their victims, discreetly, where even the mainstream media tries to keep the story silent.

We're defeating that, though, as we pass forward into uncharted territory with independent media and investigative journalism breaking these stories that the corporate press has refused to cover. Yes, we're in a new era of news as the mainstream (dinosaur media is how I prefer to coin them) press continues to fail at producing the stories Americans want covering.

The new allegations are bearing fruit against Democrats once again, after<a href=""> The Goldwater broke the initial report that Florida Representative Alcee Hastings paid $220,000.00 with taxpayer funding towards a sexual assault victim </a>in his state, despite him claiming the incident never occurred; yet the taxpayers were robbed in order to pay off the allegations.

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In that particular case, Alcee Hastings says the sexual assault was a lie, but the Florida Treasury Department inevitably paid off the settlement towards Winsome Packer, a former staff member of a Congressional human rights commission.

“Until this evening, I had not seen the settlement agreement between the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) and Ms. Packer,” the Congressman said in a statement Friday night. “This matter was handled solely by the Senate Chief Counsel for Employment. At no time was I consulted, nor did I know until after the fact that such a settlement was made.”

For me it seems impossible for the Representative who was accused of making unwelcome sexual advances towards the victim, and also asked her about her underwear on multiple occasions, to have zero knowledge about the payoff made by his state.

What makes the Alcee Hastings case so much more critical is the fact that <i>he's still in office</i> and the media is giving him a free pass. Shocking (not) that they would allow a Democrat to get away with this.

Floridians, I hope, will react appropriately and vote Representative Alcee Hastings out; or potentially demand a resignation now.

Democrats are talented at the art of deception in particular since this type of lying is so prevalent from their party; as it seemingly has become all they know how to do in response to these cases.

Regardless of what the mainstream media fails to report in these cases, we're going to bring them to light, and thanks to Patriots who are spreading the truth like you (whoever is reading this) sharing the truth on Twitter m, Facebook, Reddit, Gab, Minds, Wrongthink, Pinterest, Google+, or any other platform; these sick individuals will be forced to face some form of justice.

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