By: Savannah Smith | 02-22-2017 | News
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Vicious Left Hits Ivanka For Supporting Jewish Community, Forgetting That She's Jewish!

Many times it is so difficult to understand liberals for their hypocrisy, inconsistencies, and even for plain lack of common sense. The left's massive hatred and vile in their hearts often also cloud their judgment that they come out with the darkest and most sick attacks on just about anyone and anything associated with the object of their ire-the man who soundly beat them in the last presidential election, now President Donald Trump.

First daughter Ivanka Trump logically reacted to a wave of bomb threats leveled at the Jewish community centers on Monday with a sensitive, thoughtful and heartfelt message on Twitter. Ivanka posted the message: "America is a nation built on the principle of religious tolerance. We must protect our houses of worship and religious centers". The message was proper and logical, in fact, it would probably win unanimous shares and likes had it come from someone else. But the fact that the well-meaning message against the threat of violence and intolerance came from Ivanka, the liberals and pathetic left lost their minds over it and reacted viciously without rhyme nor reason.

Ivanka was unbelievably hit for supporting her father and even impossibly blamed for the threats against the Jewish community! Some reactions from these liberals were so bitter that the unequally unimaginative and sensational The Huffington Post even jumped on and wrote a story with the atrocious headline " Ivanka Trump Tweeted About Religious Tolerance. It Didn't Go Down Well".

Well, Ivanka's thoughtful tweet was not a hit only to the small sector of the vicious left. Those haters only focused on the fact that Ivanka is a Trump, and as she is the daughter of the man they despise, it is only 'logical' for them to automatically hate on her, too. It does not matter to them to pause and let this common sense fact sink in- that Ivanka is well within her rights to speak about the condemnable threats not only as an American, not only as a member of the First Family, but even more so for being a Jewish woman herself!

The hateful left is probably forgetting or concealing the all-important "little" detail that Ivanka has converted to Judaism before marrying Jared Kushner. Why then should unthinking liberals harshly criticize her for expressing her support to her religion, and for standing with them for the cause of religious tolerance?

The loud and vicious left is so big on shouting they are for respect, tolerance and diversity among so many virtues of political correctness which they are supposed to embrace and propagate yet they are also the first to show such intolerance, cruelty, disrespect and so much hatred to all things Trump-related to the point where their vile just does not make sense at all. With their thoughtless actions and inconsistencies, they are only succeeding in destroying their own cause, casting doubts on the credibility of their own supposed values and ideals, and losing more support from the public in the process.

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HOWARD ALEXANDER STAFFORD No. 1429 2017-02-22 : 12:18

As always the crazies on the left who are communist/socialist/anarchists will tell any lies that suits their agenda which is so hateful. Of course this is a perfect example of how ridiculous they are as you pointed out correctly that Ivanka, her children and her husband are all Jewish so of course she would be concerned with attacks on Jewish temples and other places of the Jewish community. I am following with great interest what will happen to the violent anarchist criminals who were charged with rioting at President Trump's inauguration. They claim to be protestors but in fact are simply criminals starting fires, destroying property etc. and I hope the judge will teach them there are consequences for taking violent actions. I am hopeful that President Trump and his outstanding cabinet will return America to a country of civil obedience and respect for law and order as we are a nation of laws passed democratically by our elected representatives. God bless America.

Anonymous No. 1431 2017-02-22 : 19:36

Stupid left wont leave ivanka alone even when she is making so much sense. Such a classy lady.

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