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Can Tom Brady Run For The Senate And Challenge Elizabeth Warren 2018 Reelection Bid?

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Despite being a high-profile Democrat political leader, and for all her attempted grandstanding at the Senate, and her general vocal opposition against President Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren's Senate bid reelection in 2018 is in serious peril.

Warren's poll numbers are down. According to a new WBUR poll released on Monday, 46% of Massachusetts voters believe it's time to "give someone else a chance" to represent the state in the Senate, while a close 44% believe Warren should be reelected. Warren's poll support has been declining the past two years.

Outspoken former Red Sox hurler Curt Schilling is being touted as making a run and challenging Warren's seat. Talks of Schilling Senate ambitions have been going around since before the 2016 election. But for political columnist Peter Lucas of the Lowell Sun in Massachusetts, the fiery and conservative Schilling "who is quick to shoot from the lip" is almost too much like Trump. Lucas believes one Trump in Washington is more than enough.

More than Schilling, Lucas is proposing a more appealing and stronger challenger to Warren, someone who also happens to be a friend to the President, and hugely popular- New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Lucas also argues that Brady has received various criticisms from liberals and the left as it is for being Trump's friend and for his decision to visit the White House following his team's amazing victory, so he might as well give his detractors something real and concrete to score him for.

Lucas also believes that since Brady has enjoyed a stellar sports career that saw him playing for 17 years for The Patriots and accumulating five Super Bowl rings, he may welcome new and tougher challenges. With his support for Trump, it is easy to assume Brady votes Republican.

Brady will turn 40 in August and just as he is a formidable winner in the field of football, Lucas believes that with his connections to Trump, his charm, demeanor and good looks, Brady can be a sure winner in politics, too, and cut short Warren's high political ambitions.


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